How to Warm Up Before Jogging

How to Warm Up Before Jogging

Jogging is a necessity in today’s living due to the health benefits attached to the exercise. However, you should not jump out of your door at the top of your speed without having warmed up.

how to warm up before jogging

Warming up is essential as it helps to reduce the chances getting a muscle pull, tendon distress/ tweak, joint and bone twist. In addition, warming up is also important as it helps you to sustain a good pace during the jogging session. If you are experiencing exhaustion, discouragement, and burnout after a jog/run, you should consider warming up before working out (jogging). Most importantly, warming up prepares your heart for the rigorous exercise that about to come.

There are different ways one can warm up before jogging and this article is intended to explain these ways.

  • Walk

This is an activity that many people despise. But the benefits of walking cannot be over-emphasized. It allows your muscles and tendons to ease up and adapt to the motions of running or jogging. Walking will prepare your whole system for the activity that is about to come. More importantly, your heart is prepared to pump blood to your muscles an activity that is key to the success of your jogging. Warming up will also help you prepare your brain which will, in turn, send a signal to your whole body that it is time to begin a vigorous activity. Walk for about four to six minutes.

  • Dynamic/ energetic stretches

Holding your muscle at an elongated and fixed position for about thirty seconds or even has been associated with injury but dynamic stretches are different. Dynamic or energetic stretches involves leg movements in a controlled manner. The aim is to loosen up muscles and range motion improvement. In addition, it enhances efficiency during running by increasing blood flow to the muscles and at the same time increase body temperature.

female jogger stretching

  • Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a great way to warm up. It is a great activity as it will not only exercise your leg muscles but also exercises your arms and your heart. Walk skip for around 30 to 50 meters. Start gradually and then increase the pace and the range.

Jogging is an activity that should be as comfortable as possible. This is only achievable when you have the right running shoes. They should be responsive and lightweight. The running shoes should be soft and comfortable to allow long runs and short runs. Invest in a good shoe that will not hurt your back or the foot.

  • Shuffle

This is a very easy warm-up exercise. It involves side steps in a range of ten to twenty meters on every side (both
to the left and to the right). Start with walking then proceed to jog. As you progress to shuffle,increase the coverage area.

  • Butt Kicks

As you walk, exaggerate the backswings such that the heels hit your butt. Increase the motion from walking to jogging. You can perform this warmup exercise for five to ten minutes.

  • High Knees

Fold your feet at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees as you stand on the other. Do this in a repeated sequence with both feet. Increase the motion by jogging.

  • Toy soldier

This is done like a matching soldier but the difference is that your back and the knees are kept straight while matching/skipping. In addition, when you lift your legs forward, flex your toes for better results. Increase the motion while skipping and do it in reps of ten.

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