How To Find Your Shoe Size & Width

How To Find Your Shoe Size & Width

Finding your shoe size is not always easy. But it is not as hard as the prince adventure to find the owner of the shoe left in the palace during the ball and later on found out it was Cinderella’s. Every country has a different shoe size. Western countries have bigger sizes of shoes compared with Asian countries. That makes it harder when you buy footwear abroad. When going for shopping and buy some shoes, it might be a little easier for you since you can fit directly your feet to the shoes you want to try on. However, when you buy online, it is much difficult to determine when you have the right size or not. Online buyers often get what is not fit for them.

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As a part of knowing your body as knowing yourself, one should know exactly his shoe size. Footwear or shoes are very important to wear since they cover your feet and protect them from the access of bacteria outside. It also helps you walk properly with proper balance. Other than that, it adds beauty to your fashion. No one can blame why fashion people love to match their clothes with the shoes they are wearing. It boosts their confidence and shapes their body posture.

Wearing shoes is not just until wearing it only. You have to get the right size. It is very important to wear the right size of your shoes especially to avoid injuries. When you get a smaller shoe, you will not be comfortable walking throughout the time you are wearing it. It may even cause your skin to swell and become reddish. Sometimes, shoes that are too tight can cause feet to perspire and produce a very bad odor. When you wear shoes that are too big, accidents may happen. Shoes that are bigger than your feet are more prone to accidents. Since they are bigger than your feet, you will easily lose your balance especially when you are walking fast or running. Other people might step on the back of your bigger shoes and may cause you to fall down.

How to find your shoe size and width?

There are several ways to find your shoe size and it will not take much time to do it. You can try this method:

  1. Take all the shoes in all sizes. Take one per size.
  1. Try to fit in your feet from each size.
  1. Observe which shoe fits rightfully to your feet.
  1. Once you’ve found it, take note of its size and that is your shoe size.

This method is not so authentic since every brand name has a different shoe size. Size 5 in brand A may not be the same size with brand B. The country of origin, too, is a factor of having its differences. However, you can fit most brands when you use this method.

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There is also another method to find your shoe size and width.

This method is very traditional and very common. You can try this another method:

  1. Take a piece of paper and place it on the floor or on any flat surface. A flat surface is a perfect spot to help your measuring authentic.
  1. Take a pencil or pen.
  1. Place your foot on the paper, pressing it firmly.
  1. Start tracing your feet. Press it firmly to the paper so it will not move. If you will not press it firmly, it has a tendency to move involuntarily due to lack of balance.
  1. Measure the length of your foot as well as its width. You can use a ruler to measure it by inches as preferred.
  1. Put markings on the measurements made.
  1. Refer to the size chart and see where the measurement of your foot falls to. You can download a size chart online.
  1. Remember your foot size.

These methods are not so hard to do. They are very doable and the results are authentic. However, when you are still not sure with your shoe size and you need to buy your shoes urgently but cannot go by yourself, you can always cut the trace of your foot and give it to someone whom you asked to buy your shoes. That trace you just took will be used to find the shoes that perfectly fit your feet.

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