Best Volleyball Shoes for Men and Women for 2019

Whether you’re a veteran volleyball player, who has years of experience behind him, or even an amateur looking to make inroads in his career, it is imperative to invest in a decent pair of shoes. From proving a proper degree of traction to making sure that the player stays comfortable throughout the game, this particular purchase can play a big role in his owner’s performance on the court.

Best Volleyball ShoesBut, have you ever set foot in a volleyball marketplace? If yes, you might have noticed the abundance of products which are available over there, especially in the field of shoes. When some of these products are of the top quality, there are others which are of absolutely no worth for a player in this sport.

Top Volleyball Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
ASICS Men's GEL-TacticASICS Men's GEL-Tactic$$5 stars
ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball-ShoesASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 8$$5 stars
Mizuno Men's Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball ShoesMizuno Men's Wave Bolt 5$$4.5 star
ASICS Men Gel-Upcourt Volleyball ShoeASICS Men's Gel-Upcourt
$4.5 star
Mizuno Men Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball ShoeMizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z2$$4.5 star
adidas Performance Men Ligra 4 Volleyball ShoeAdidas Men's Ligra 4$$4 star
Mizuno Women Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball-ShoesMizuno Women's Wave Hurricane 3$$4 star
ASICS Men Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT Volleyball-ShoesASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT$$$4 star
Mizuno Women Wave Tornado X Volleyball ShoeMizuno Women's Wave Tornado X$$$4 star
Adidas Performance Men Energy Volley Boost 2.0 Volleyball ShoeAdidas Performance Men's Energy Volley Boost 2.0$$$4 star

So, how to choose the best volleyball shoes?

If you’re looking for the answer of this question, you’ve just arrived at the right place. After days of research and testing a handful of products, we’ve come up with top 10 Best Volleyball shoes of the modern era. All these products are of the highest quality, which means that you can purchase any one of them as per your personal choice. In addition, we’ve also looked at some of the key features, including traction as well as comfort ability, which makes some shoes better than the rest.

Buying Guide – How to Purchase Best Volleyball Shoes


Back in the days, leather was considered to be the chief material of construction for volleyball shoes. But with the passage of time and recent innovations in technology, a combination of synthetic leather + meshed uppers have taken its place in the modern footwear. This is due to the reason that when shoes made of leather are relatively heavier, there is no such case with the synthetic construction. In addition, such a composition provides a greater degree of breathability with a faster rate of drying.


Some people often intermix volleyball shoes with their basketball counterparts thanks to their similar external appearance. However, one major difference between both these type of footwear lies in their soles’ construction. Unlike basketball shoes, volleyball footwear incorporates gum rubber soles.

This material of construction provides optimal traction for sharp movement on the court which, in case of volleyball, is normally made of wood. Gum rubber also prevents its owner from slipping/sliding on the floor which eventually saves a player from suffering crucial ankle injuries.

One thing which customers need to keep in mind is that the sole of volleyball shoes is quite soft. If you wear them on abrasive terrains, it will give way rather too quickly. So if you’re going for a walk, it is recommended to change into your normal running shoes.


As a volleyball player has to move from one position to other rapidly during the game, the perfect footwear should allow him to do so without any hindrance. From moving forward quickly to facilitating rapid side to side movements, a volleyball player spends majority of his time on the balls of his feet. As a result, majority of the volleyball shoes comes integrated with enhanced support at the ball of the foot.

The midsoles should also be capable of a decent shock absorption without transferring much of it to the feet of its owner. When some manufacturers uses different kinds of foams for this purpose, others generally rely on gels or even air cushions in addition to the foams.


When volleyball is all about speed and agility, in which a player has to show quick movements for serving, setting and spiking, a lightweight footwear is an essential entity for a player in this sport. As compared to regular running shoes, high-quality volleyball shoes are much lighter in weight.

Men Volleyball shoes generally weigh in between 11 to 15 ounces range while women volleyball shoes range in between 9 – 11 ounces of weight limit.

volleyball game


If you’re going to play volleyball every single day, it is imperative to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes. This is a must-have feature in this particular product as no matter how good a shoe performs on the court, it is of no virtue if it ends up hurting your feet.


Irrespective of the conditions in which you’re going to play, a decent pair of volleyball shoes should be able to keep your feet dry. A player with dry feet feels more comfortable as compared to the one who has to play with wet feet.

Even though feet tends to get moist with the passage of time, an ideal footwear should facilitate a regular passage of air at all times. Nowadays, some manufacturers have started to integrate mesh into the shoes uppers which allows the air to move in and out without any hindrance.

Right Fit

A volleyball shoe needs to be purchased in a size which should be able to move alongside your foot. In other words, it needs to be responsive so that the wearer can give his/her 100% on the court. Your feet shouldn’t be able to move inside this footwear and there shouldn’t be more than a finger’s width between the tip of the shoes and your toes.

10 Best Volleyball Shoes in 2019

ASICS Gel Tactic

Coming from a trusted manufacturer in the field of volleyball footwear, the ASICS Gel Tactic has got all the ingredients which one could normally look for in a decent volleyball shoe. When products from this brand are likened by professionals and non-players alike, this one has done absolutely no harm to the reputation of this manufacturer.

Integrated Toe Guard

Featuring an integrated toe guard, the Gel Tactic provides valuable protection to your toes as you are moving from here to there on the volleyball court. Apart from boasting all day comfort, this one feature enhances the overall lifespan of this product.

Breathable Upper

The upper of this shoe is made with a combination of synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper. When the former enhances the overall performance of this product, the latter allows a regular passage of air at all times.

Comfortable/Padded Tongue

The Gel Tactic has made use of the Rearfoot gel cushioning system which absorbs much of the shock at the moment of impact. It also has a padded tongue along with a heel collar which saves your feet from aching at the end of the day.


A material of construction which is present in many other ASICS footwear, the outsole of this shoe is also made of NC Rubber. As compared to majority of other such products in today’s market, this type of rubber features a greater quantity of natural rubber in its composition. Also present in the outsole region is the Trusttic system which comes handy in order to reduce the overall weight of the sole.


  • NC Rubber outsole offers extreme traction
  • Trusttic System on the outsole reduces foot fatigue
  • Mesh Upper provides optimal breathability
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning system for all day comfort


  • A bit tight in the toe box region
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ASICS Gel Rocket 8

The ASICS Gel Rocket 8 is a latest addition to this series of shoes which has impressed a great deal of volleyball fans ever since its inception. For the 8th part of this series, ASICS has certainly come up with some features which weren’t present in the previous products.

Comfortable Design

If you’re going to wear this shoe on daily basis, ASICS has come up with a comfortable synthetic upper which allows a regular passage of air at all times. As you play on the court, such kind of construction wicks away the moisture from your feet. In addition, the low top design keeps your foot from aching without any hindrance.

Midsole/Trusstic System

Featuring premium Trusstic system in its midsole area, the Gel Rocket 8 is an extremely lightweight product for all day usage. When volleyball players have to spend a considerable amount of time inside their shoes every day, for practice as well as real matches, such sort of construction provides an unmatched protection against the foot pain.

Rubber Sole/Traction

The Gel-Rocket 8 features premium quality rubber in its sole region which provides a decent amount of traction on the wooden floors. Especially if you have subtle knees, this outsole prevent you from slipping at all times.


  • Trusstic System makes it a lightweight footwear
  • Rubber sole boasts optimal traction
  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning System reduces shock
  • Breathable and Flexible upper


  • Design could be a bit more stylish
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Mizuno Wave Bolt 5

Available in a handful of designs, the Mizuno Wave Bolt 5 is ideal for all those customers who want to make a bit of fashion statement while playing there on the court. Apart from its intuitive design, this product comes loaded with a handful of features so when it is stylish, it is high-performing as well.

Breathable Upper

The Wave Bolt 5 incorporates a viable combo of synthetic + mesh in order to provide a highly comfortable footwear to all its users. The mesh is integrated on the various portions of the shoe’s upper which makes sure that the air flows in and moves out of this product without any hindrance. So if you’re going to wear this shoe for a considerable amount of time, your feet will remain sweat-free inside this product.

Dynamotion Fit Technology

For providing a shoe that moves along with your feet, Mizuno have used their ever famous Dynamotion Fit technology while crafting this footwear. Now what it does is that as your feet undergoes different types of movements on the court, from twisting, turning and stopping, this shoe allows you to do so without causing any kind of discomfort. Throughout the upper of this shoe, the manufacturer has used such kinds of materials which can stretch or move freely along with your feet. So when this shoe moves in harmony with your body, it allows you to perform to your fullest on the volleyball court.

Parallel Wave Technology

After absorbing the shock, the parallel wave technology disperses it all over your foot instead of relieving it on one fixed point. In this way, it keeps your feet from aching and allows you to play volleyball in a comfortable manner.


  • Parallel Wave Technology diminishes feet fatigue
  • Dynamotion Fit provides a secure grip
  • Flexible upper allows you to play freely
  • Available in a handful of designs


  • A bit too tight for people with wide feet
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ASICS Gel Upcourt

One for the budget oriented customers, the ASICS Gel Upcourt provides an ideal choice for all those customers who want to enjoy basketball within a budget. Even though this shoe is available at a modest price tag, it hasn’t affected its performance one bit. So if you want to play basketball without spending too much on your shoes, consider purchasing this beauty.


For optimal air circulation, ASICS have made use of a mesh material in the construction of this shoe’s upper. Such a construction keeps your feet fresh, as you play on the court, thus protecting your feet against all kinds of microbial activities. The fact that this shoe is made of synthetic materials means that it doesn’t require a break-in period which is a common occurrence with shoes made of leather.

Rearfoot Gel cushioning system

The Rearfoot Gel cushioning system works wonders when it comes to reduce the amount of shock before it reaches onto your feet. Especially at the heel region, which comes in regular contact with the underneath surface at all times, this is a viable technology to fight against foot fatigue.


The manufacturer has made use of a Gum rubber material – which is common with most of the hi-fi volleyball shoes – for crafting the outsole of the Gel Upcourt. What’s so special about this material is that it consists of varied traction patterns in order to provide optimal traction. You won’t slip or slide while wearing this shoe which is of a great virtue for anyone who might have suffered some sort of foot injuries in the past.


A pair of volleyball shoes has to come under extreme stress during a game of volleyball. Apart from the front as well as lateral movements, the fact that a player has to make quick stops and sharp turns takes its toll on his/her footwear. Luckily, the ASICS Gel Upcourt stands tall against all such beatings as it is made of a durable material of construction.


  • Ideal for Budget-conscious shoppers
  • Boasts optimal traction on the court surfaces
  • Comes equipped with proper ventilation
  • Requires no break in period


  • Question marks about the longevity of this product
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Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 is a yet another high-quality volleyball shoe which comes from this particular manufacturer. Available in a plethora of designs, this shoe is equipped with a series of hi-tech features, all of whom makes it a famous choice amongst the volleyball-enthusiasts.

Dynamotion Fit

This technology is integrated into this footwear to allow front and side movements without any restriction. Basically, there are two ways in which the Dynamotion fit helps its wearer on the volleyball court. Firstly, the grooves – which are present on the outsole of this shoe – helps in terms of enhancing the agility as well as flexibility of this footwear and at the same time, it provides an optimal degree of stability. Secondly, the midsole of this shoe contours as per the dimensions of your feet which reduces the amount of stress being suffered by the human feet.

Parallel Wave Technology

One of the standout features in this product has got to be the parallel wave technology which is present in its sole region. As already described, it disperses the shock throughout the sole instead of releasing it on a certain fixed point. Hence, when the surface area is increased, it greatly reduces the shock which can be felt by the owner of this feet.


The women’s version of this product weighs as low as just 8.4oz. In comparison to other such shoes, the Wave Lightning Z2 lies on the lower end of the weight limit which makes it an extremely viable product for professional as well as recreational volleyball players alike.


  • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue
  • Dynamotion fit allows optimal performance
  • Rubber sole keeps the owner from slipping
  • Parallel wave plate reduces shock


  • Lacks sufficient padding on the heel
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Adidas Ligra 4

One of the most famous manufacturers in the field of sporting goods, Adidas have come up with a premium quality product – for the fans of volleyball – in form of Performance Ligra 4. Incorporating a wide range of features, this product ticks all the right boxes when it comes to select a pair of volleyball shoes.


Adidas have combined rubber outsole with a tread design to make sure that the wearer of this shoe just doesn’t slip. When you have to wear this shoe on hard wooden surfaces, where regular shoe soles can damage the playing terrain, the Performance Ligra 4 has a non-marking outsole. Hence, you don’t have to worry about damaging the playing surface as long as you’re playing in this particular footwear.

Comfortable/Mesh lining

As a volleyball player, you might have to spend hours and hours practicing in your volleyball footwear. For any such instance, it is imperative that not only your shoes should be comfortable, they should also have a solid mechanism for air flow. And as long as you have the Performance Ligra, you don’t have to worry about any of the aforesaid scenarios. Featuring air mesh upper, this shoe incorporates textile and synthetic materials in its upper’s composition. Then comes the mesh lining which makes sure that you don’t have to suffer from sweaty feet at the end of the game.


In addition to wearing them for a game of volleyball, you can use the Performance Ligra 4 for a handful of other indoor activities including running, gym as well as for playing badminton. So if you don’t want to spend additional money on either of these activities, consider using one pair of shoes for all of them.


  • Long lasting footwear
  • Adiwear outsole boasts solid traction
  • Unmatched breathability thanks to the air mesh upper
  • Multi-purpose pair of shoes
  • Available in a striking design


  • Runs a bit small in size
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Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, high-performing and easy to wear volleyball shoe, consider trying Wave Hurricane 3 from Mizuno. Available in two different designs, users can purchase it in either black/silver or in white and black color. This is the 3 product in the hurricane series and when the previous 2 were of the top notch, same is the case with this one as well.

Comfortable/Breathable Upper

The Mizuno Wave Hurricane 3 unites textile fabrics with synthetic materials to provide a viable combination of strength and breathability to the owner of this shoe. Unlike shoes made of leather, which struggle big time when it comes to offer breathability, women can wear this shoe for long hours while playing in sweat-free feet.

Synthetic Outsole

At a time when most of the other volleyball shoes offer rubber sole, Mizuno have made use of synthetic materials while crafting the Wave Hurricane 3’s outsole. The reason behind is that even though rubber provides a commendable grip, it does make the shoe a bit heavier. As a result, the synthetic outsole saves the wearer from suffering feet fatigue which eventually allows her to play for long hours.

Dynamotion Fit

A feature which is becoming synonymous with the latest volleyball shoes from Mizuno, Dynamotion Fit has earned heaps of praise ever since its introduction. Thanks to this technology, this shoe moves alongside your foot which means you don’t have to put in extra effort for all those sudden movements on the volleyball court. Basically, the Wave Hurricane 3 is designed as per the natural motion of a player’s foot as its insole actually curves itself as per your feet dimensions. So while wearing this shoe, you don’t have to worry about getting your feet hurt with all those swift movements.


Weighing 8.6oz, this is an extremely lightweight shoe even when you compare it with any standards of a female footwear. This particular feature enhances your natural movements as you can undergo all the movements, such as jumping, sliding and turning, without casting extra effort. The effort which you save in here can then be used to giving a much better performance on the court.


  • Parallel wave plate prevents the formation of blisters
  • Keeps your foot from aching
  • Dynamotion Fit allows greater feet movement
  • Protect the floors thanks to the non-marking outsole


  • Outsole is made of synthetic materials instead of rubber
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ASICS Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT

Are you looking for a lightweight shoe? Do you want a product which is equally trusted by professional as well as amateur players alike? If yes, have a look at the ASICS Gel-Netburner. Available in two striking designs, including a stylish black and an authoritative Indigo Blue, this shoe features a synthetic upper along with a rubber outsole. In addition, it comes with several other technologies which makes one of the standouts product in the market of volleyball footwear.

Comfortable to Wear

The standout feature about this product has got to be the gel cushioning system which comes integrated in both its forefoot as well as rear foot region. During a game of volleyball, your foot comes under extreme stress thanks to the movements which a player has to make in this sport. As a result, a shoe with weaker shock absorbance system will result in recurring foot pain. However, there is no such case with the Gel-Netburner as thanks to its superior cushioning system, it attenuates much of the shock before it reaches your foot. Finally, there is a padded tongue and collar for added comfort around the ankle.

Superior Traction

The Gel-Netburner has a high-traction outsole which is made of none other than NC rubber. In comparison to other kinds of rubber, the NC rubber is famous for having a great degree of natural rubber in its composition. You can play with this shoe on the wooden courts or you can even employ it for playing or slippery indoor surfaces as this shoe won’t disappoint with its unmatchable traction.

Stylish Design

While performance is certainly the most important factor in a basketball shoe, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style by any means. Incorporating an eye-catching design, this product will help you impress the onlookers as you’re serving, setting or spiking on the volleyball court.


  • Fluid Ride Midsole makes it a durable footwear
  • NC Rubber outsole delivers impeccable traction
  • Trusstic System Technology reduces the weight
  • Breathable upper keeps your foot from sweating


  • A bit narrow for players with wider feet.
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Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X

Yet another high-quality product from the Japanese Company, the Wave Tornado X is one of the better volleyball shoes which is designed for female players by Mizuno. Having an impeccable grip with unmatched durability, users can wear this shoe for season in season out without any hindrance. This particular footwear is available in four different color schemes, including black and silver, which allows a greater margin of selection as far as the customers are concerned.

Comfortable/Infinity Wave Technology

Featuring Infinity Wave Technology, this shoe makes sure that your rear foot, forefoot, and midsole stays padded when you’re giving your 100% on the court. It also has an advanced shock absorption system which increases the lifespan of this product by absorbing and distributing shock in a much uniform manner. So if you’re to play on the hardwood for a considerable amount of time every day, this might be the perfect shoe for you.

Superior Traction/Dynamotion Groove Technology

The outsole of this shoe is made of extra grade rubber which provides much more grip as compared to a majority of other volleyball shoes in the market. Combine it with the Dynamotion Groove Technology and you will really enjoy your time on the volleyball court thanks to this shoe. Not only it delivers a greater protection against slippage but such sort of outsole also exhibits a decent flexibility into the game of its owner.

Dynamotion Fit Technology

This shoe sits well with your feet dimensions as it comes loaded with the Dynamotion Fit Technology. A feature synonymous with a comfortable fit, it helps reducing the stress on your feet as you move, jump and run on the court.


  • Dynamotion Fit Technology delivers precise fit
  • Infinite Wave Technology enhances shock absorption
  • Natural rubber outsole protects you any kind of unwanted incidents
  • Comes in four striking color schemes to choose from


  • Not the lightest shoe in the volleyball marketplace
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Adidas Energy Volley Boost 2.0

Featuring synthetic and textile, the Adidas Performance Men’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0 Volleyball shoe provides an optimal combo of style and performance. Available in a stylish fusion of Vivid Red with Dark Navy color scheme, this shoe delivers excellent shock absorption.

Responsive/Boost cushioning

The boost cushioning system makes it a highly responsive footwear. This works in such a way as the more energy you exert during a game of volleyball, the more will be returned – by this shoe – thanks to this hi-fi feature. According to Adidas, Boost is the most responsive cushioning which is ever designed by them and for a volleyball player who has to spend a considerable amount of time playing, it makes this an ideal pair of sport shoes.

Highly Breathable/Mesh Tongue

Incorporating mesh tongue in its construction, this shoe makes sure that the moisture stays away from your feet. When in use, the mesh tongue makes this shoe considerably less warm as compared to its counterparts. As a result, when you’re going to put in extra effort into your game, you won’t be distracted with soggy feet.

Lightweight Upper/SprintWeb

For making it a lightweight footwear, Adidas have used SprintWeb technology while crafting this shoe’s upper. This is basically a synthetic construction which takes away a considerable amount of weight from your shoe without affecting its overall durability. So as you play in this shoe, this particular technology will impart quickness into your game thanks to its superior functionality.


  • Boost cushioning makes it a responsive volleyball shoe
  • Lightweight construction thanks to the SpringWeb tech
  • Mesh Tongue keeps your feet cool regardless of the outside temperature
  • Stylish design makes it a must-have product for fashion oriented customers


  • Runs narrow in size
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