Best Tennis Shoes for 2019

We know this guide will take the web by storm. Here’s the list of 10 top rated best tennis shoes for 2019. The shoes are all rated high of stars from verified purchases during the first and half months of this year. Gotcha for this guide! And everybody’s getting gung-ho on what tennis shoes to like in this year. We narrowed down our list with the 10 top rated best shoes to watch this year.

Best Tennis Shoes

The Feet of Tennis Champions

First things first: Tennis is a difficult sport to play. Champions and winners have to have power, strength, balance, timing, and rhythm and of course, coordination of arms, body and feet. Yes, especially the feet, which are the foundations of every movement of tennis players.

The player’s grip on the racquet or force to hit the ball for a shot and ace is always affected by the state of the feet. World’s great tennis player Roger Federer and his rival Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams or Angelique Kerber would surely woe for a knee injury or a fall bad fall caused by ill-fitted shoes. It is a no-no to them.

Players and athletes like those who play tennis often feel there’s adrenaline rising up to win their matches if they feel so comfortable with their shoes. The rise of adrenaline excites them to wallop and beat the ball, run so fast, jump so high and wide, and give them a good traction on the racquet’s grip to be able to give strongest spin and beat.

Naturally, world’s top seeds and grand slam champions look for these three merits: comfort, durability, appearance or style (features). During matches, they serve, drive, sprint so fast, stretch wide open their legs, still maintaining their balance, jump forward the longest to return the ball, and do other quick, strong usually lateral movements. The price factor is for us to consider.

However, sideways, a tennis shoe is not only good for the hard or clay court. Depending on appearance, a tennis shoe can be for everywhere- gym, office, school, etc. There’s millennial fashion now, and a tennis shoe is also good to match for shorts, jeans, or khaki.

Tennis Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
New Balance Men’s MC806New Balance Men’s MC806$$$5 star
ASICS Men's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis ShoeASICS Men's GEL-Resolution 6 $$$5 star
Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Club Tennis ShoesAdidas Performance Men's Barricade$$4.5 star
Nike Men's Vapor Court Tennis ShoesNike Men's Vapor Court$$$4 star
New Balance Men's MC696 Light WeightNew Balance Men's MC696 Light Weight$4 star
ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis ShoeASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2$$$4.5 star
Head Men's Sprint Pro Court ShoeHead Men's Sprint Pro$$4 star
Adidas CC adizero Feather III Mens Tennis ShoeAdidas CC adizero Feather III$$4 star

Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

Tennis is a challenging sport. From making continuous back and forth movements to changing directions rapidly on the tennis court, a player needs to be well-prepared to cope up with such a demanding nature of this play. Since your feet serves as the only contact which you make with the underneath surface, one thing which deserves proper attention is the selection of tennis shoes.

Nowadays, thanks to a variety of playing styles along with a series of court surfaces, there is a wide range of tennis shoes which you can purchase from today’s market. Choosing any one of them comes down to your personal preference and the type of court in which you’re going to play on a regular basis.

In the below-mentioned guide, we’ll look at some of the key features which differentiate the best tennis shoes from the ordinary ones.

Type of Foot

It is highly recommended that players should know about their foot type before investing in this particular purchase. Having this knowledge can help you find a perfect pair of tennis shoes so it is imperative that both, experienced as well as amateur players, should be familiar about this topic.

There are three different types of foot namely:

  • Supinated
  • Pronated
  • Ideal

The easiest way to find out about your foot type is to perform the wet test.

For this test, dip your foot in water before placing it on top of either a brown paper bag or a concrete surface. Afterward, have a look at how much space appears between the balls of your feet and the heel region.

A big gap indicates that you have a high arch or supinated foot type. This type of foot tends to roll outwards which eventually wears the shoes out at a much enhanced rate as compared to other foot types. So if you’ve a supinated foot, you should purchase a tennis shoe which comes with loads of durability. In addition, it should have a considerable degree of cushioning along with high to medium arch support.

If there is no absolutely no gap, it means that you’ve pronated foot. Such type of feet are vulnerable to inward rolling, due to a low arch, which eventually increases their chances of sustaining different kinds of injuries. So for players with this type of feet, they should invest in a pair of tennis shoes which comes with added support and stability. Moreover, it should also furnish low-to-medium arch support.

A moderate gap refers to the ideal feet type. Players incorporating such type of feet can wear almost all kinds of tennis shoes as it ultimately comes down to their personal preference.

Sport Shoes

Style of Play

The way in which you play tennis affects your movements on the tennis court. So it is imperative to judge your style of play before choosing a pair of tennis shoes.

There are two different styles of play which we can associate with players in this sport.


As evident from its name, players incorporating this style of play spend most of their time playing around the baseline. Such type of play consists of a lot of sideways (lateral) movement. Hence, the ideal footwear for the baseline play style should come with superior cushioning, extra lateral support as well as a durable outsole. Additionally, a toe cap should be integrated n your tennis shoes if baseline is your preferred style of play.

Serve and Volley

Players with this style of play like to spend a considerable time on the net which is completely different from their baseline counterparts. As a result, tennis shoes designed for serve and volley play style should come with strengthened toe caps along with additional arch support.

The reason behind it that as you play volleys, your toes will come in contact with the underneath surface on a regular basis. So this is the part of your shoe which requires utmost durability.

Types of Playing Surface

Depending on the surface on which you’re going to play, there are certain pair of shoes which perform better on one surface as compared to the other.

Hard Court: You’d require an extremely durable pair of tennis shoes for playing on this particular surface. This is due to the reason that as your shoes drag with the concrete, it produces a high amount of fraction. For keeping up with such a rigorous playing surface, it is imperative that the footwear should come with a decent shock absorbing ability along with added cushioning.

Moreover, the uppers should also come with a sturdy construction as it will ultimately enhance the lifespan of this product.

Grass and Clay Court: As compared to hard courts, both grass as well as clay courts are quite forgiving in nature. For playing on any such surfaces, you don’t need much durability in your footwear. However, when these two surfaces are extremely vulnerable to slipping, a player needs to have an elevated degree of traction in his/her tennis shoes for playing on any such surface. In addition, your tennis shoes should also come with a non-marked outsole for preventing the surface from any kind of damage.

One small difference between the grass and clay tennis shoes lies in their tread design. When grass tennis shoes come with a circular tread, manufacturers normally opt for long tread design for the clay tennis shoes.

female tennis players


The uppers of synthetic shoes are normally made from four different materials: Leather, Mesh, Synthetic and Combination.

Leather: When it comes to experienced tennis players, leather is normally their first choice when it comes to the upper of a tennis shoe. Extremely durable, leather made tennis shoes can be used for an extended duration of time. However, you might have to pay big bucks in return of the quality of this purchase and leather shoes also require a substantial break-in period.

Mesh: The mesh uppers come handy in hotter outdoors. Due to a regular passage of air, they protect your feet from getting wet which eventually allows their wearer to stay comfortable on the tennis court.

Synthetic: Incorporating a greater degree of support as compared to their meshed counterparts, synthetic materials does offer a lesser breathability.

Combination: The combination uppers incorporate a successful fusion of both synthetic as well as mesh materials. When the former material is used to cover those portions of the tennis shoe which are most vulnerable to regular wear and tear, the latter is used to enhance the breathability of this gear.


The purpose of a midsole is to provide cushioning and comfort to your feet as you move from here to there on the tennis court. Two different materials are normally used in crafting the midsoles of the tennis shoes, EVA and PU.

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole is much lighter in weight with a greater degree of flexibility. However, it offers much lesser stability. On the contrary, Poly Urethane Midsoles are quite supportive but they’re much heavier in weight.

Having said that, both of these materials are of the highest quality as it eventually comes down to the owner of this shoe to select any one of them.


The outsole is generally the first portion of a tennis shoe which starts to wear, even before the uppers, after coming in regular contact with the underneath surface. While choosing an outsole, players need to make this decision carefully by keeping in mind the court surface on which they’re going to play for more often than not.

When hard court requires a durable outsole, which can withstand the regular burnt of friction, you’ll need a full of traction outsole for playing on clay or even grass courts.

Proper Fit

When you’re going to spend a good few hours every day on the tennis court, you’ll need a pair of shoes which can stay comfortable for the whole period. While a tight pair of shoes can develop unwanted blisters, a shoe which is too wide will affect your control. So find out a pair of best tennis shoes that provide precise fitting along with decent ankle support.


When tennis is such a demanding sport, having some sort of warranty with your tennis shoes can provide a regular pace of mind. In addition, it will also protect you from investing in a new pair of tennis shoes which is of great virtue for especially the budget-oriented tennis enthusiasts. So make sure that you’re investing in such kind of footwear which features a decent warranty.


Everybody wants a pair of tennis shoes which looks great on the tennis court. Back in the days, it wasn’t easy to purchase this product in your favorite color due to the limitation of designs. But with the recent innovations in technology, you can purchase the best tennis shoe in almost any color you want, including the ones being worn by the professionals, without any hindrance.

However, make sure that you don’t make your decision on this factor solely as there is much more to the best tennis shoes than a mere design.


For amateur tennis players, who’re still learning the basics of this game, it is highly recommended to start with an inexpensive pair of shoes. They should only consider going for an expensive model once they attain a certain degree of expertise in this sport.

But if you’re a professional tennis player, one who spends hours and hours in training as well as real matches, you shouldn’t be too hesitant in purchasing an expensive pair of high-quality tennis shoes. It might not make you a superstar overnight but it will certainly give you an edge against your competitor.

Features of Best Tennis Shoes to Buy

Fact is there are lots of lateral movements for a tennis sport. For this, Jeff Cohen, USPTA Certified Professional – Director of Tennis – Heathrow CC, advised tennis shoe buyers to consider the features of the tennis shoes they will buy.

Ha cited comfort, size, cushioning feature, durability, particularly herringbone, stability, guarantee and lastly, the price. Watch him on YouTube:

All our picks for the top rated best tennis for 2019 have all these features. You tennis shoe buyers should better be choosy and pick one or two among the best we have.

Now here’s our full guide to the top rated best tennis shoes for 2019:

Top 8 Best Tennis Shoes for 2019

New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability

This shoe comes in white color. It is made of genuine and synthetic leather. It has rubber soles. The lacing system has a reinforced toe with perforated toe box and a side panel. It has enough cushions in the midsole.

This series offers a best fit with the tongue of the shoes made longer. Its lacing system was improved to remedy the earlier problem of having not stability on the heel and address the complaints on toe crams in earlier series. The laces prevent unwanted movement as wearers move fast.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 4.1 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $99.95 – $129.00.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easily adjustable for good fit
  • Adequate cushions in midsole to heel


  • Your forefeet is least cushioned.

Buying Considerations

The features of the shoe are great. The cushioning is a perfect feature for the wearer to make quick, fast running, exert excessive force and high-impact moves without disturbing and wearing out stability. Worth a good buy in the price range of $99.95 – $129.00 given its comfort, stability, and adjustability for good fit.

Long-time tennis player Raymond Keogh professed in 2012 and 2014 that his peformanc was given a boost by using New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe for his wide feet. For his first buy, he wore two pairs of socks for extra cushioning and his second pair he professed it was very stable and supportive.

Don’t worry, Raymond, the supply of this shoe is still abundant although toe draggers among the tennis players may avoid buying this.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6

This shoe comes in white, black, or silver color. It is made of synthetic leather. It has rubber sole, and its shaft measures about “Low Top” from arch.It has stability as it has Flexion Fit construction with toe bumper. Its Solyte midsole has been tested to absorb shock, and known to be super durable because of the AHAR Plus material.

It has stability as it has Flexion Fit construction with toe bumper. Its Solyte midsole has been tested to absorb shock, and known to be super durable because of the AHAR Plus material.

It has a recent Amazon ratings of 4.3 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $109.95 – $145.00.


  • Has very comfortable shock absorption
  • Has good arch support
  • Soles are tested to be strong resistant to even strong movements


  • As compared to earlier series, the soles are comfortable in lesser degree.

Buying Considerations

Since in tennis, players make aggressive movements pressuring their soles like in running so fast, dragging and stretching so widely their feet, or sliding around their soles, this durable yet comfortable shoe is a good buy.

Oh yeah, the specific features of this shoe have been rated by a prestigious apparel reviewer. Tennis Warehouse Europe described its recent rating scores for ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe having nothing to complain about because:

The shoe has: 4.7/5 – Overall Comfort, 4.4/5- Ventilation, 4.4/5 – Arch Support, 4.3/5 – Foot Support/Stability, 4.1/5- Overall Sole Durability, 4.7/5 – Toe Durability, 3.8/5 – Traction, 3.9/5 – Weight, and 4.5/5 – Overall. Cheers!

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Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club

This shoe comes in semi solar lime, night metal or Black color. It is made of textile leather. It has rubber sole and removable insole.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 4.4 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $54.95 – $97.93.


  • Tested to have stability
  • Good in looks
  • Tested that the feel of comfort extended to the ankle
  • Its cushion is enough for average wearers to feel the floor


  • There’s an issue on “largeness” of its sizes

Buying Considerations

The shoe has various colors to pick, and this is a shoe with utility though higher in price. However, the shoe comparatively has a still a good price given its overall quality. The starting price is little higher than that of its kin, the Adidas NEO Men’s Advantage Clean VS Lifestyle Tennis Shoe.

The “largeness” in sizes is pity issue since it can be remedied by actual fitting on the store or mall and the issue was proven to be baseless. It the adequate cushioning feature which allows a wearer to feel the floor provides sort of feet confidence. It always gives the wearer a feel of his feet being firmly planted on the court.

The cushioning feature provides more stability for fast sprint and long lateral jumps. Really, this is a best buy.

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Nike Men’s Vapor Court

This shoe comes in white or black wolf grey color. It is made in Indonesia.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 4 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $74.86 – $129.95.


  • Good looking sneaker
  • Comfortable, stable on the court
  • Light


  • Front seams need to be improved, laces needs to be lengthened

Buying Considerations

There are issues on narrow sides and loose on the heels resulting to tensions on the shoe and blisters and cramps on toes on the wearers. But loosening of the lace can actually fix the problem. So this issue involves only for the wide foot tennis players.

The issue on short laces is insignificant compared to its pretty great features of being light, and good-looking. It’s pretty durable thus far. The good look would mean it can easily be shoe for other uses. This shoe has great fit and is comfy! Many wearers say they have the good feel and the shoe has good traction.

Watch this YouTube video and judge why this It is Federer’s choice. It has minimalist design, a lightweight shoe.

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New Balance Men’s MC696

This shoe comes in white or black color. It is made of synthetic leather. It has synthetic sole, and absorption in the midsole and herringbone outsole.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 3.4 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $54.95 – $64.99.


  • Known to have endurance
  • Light in weight
  • good style and good fit


  • Has issues on cushioning.

Buying Consideration

This is a good one among the lesser cost tennis shoes. While there’s an issue of cushioning heard on the shoe by reviewers, the lacing system was brought as a natural fix. The absorption in the midsole provides flexibility up to the outsole to give comfort and endurance during fast running and quick movement of the feet. This can also be used a gym shoe. This is another worth a good purchase.

However, for tennis players whether they’re seasoned professionals or amateurs, this is one of the top-of-the-line that is durable, comfortable and tested on its performance on court, whether concrete or clay.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2

This shoe comes in flash green, white, or black color. It is made of synthetic leather. It has synthetic sole, and its lacing features a rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems. Its collar line has two layers of memory foam. Its midsole is cushioned with Solyte.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 4.6 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $59.95 – $130.00.


  • Very light shoe
  • Mesh material makes it lighter and give good ventilation
  • Has great mix of support, agility and cushion


  • There’s an issue of getting sore especially those having big toes, and insole needs adjustment.

Buying Consideration

In general, the shoe gives large comfort while it is light in weight. The arch support gives strength and durability on the shoes. The shoe has good ventilation as it has breather. Hence, inside it doesn’t get overheated with perspiration. Its mesh provides more breathability.

The GEL cushioning system proves to be best feature to protect the forefoot during excessive force. The arch support is there to withstand against excessive pressures on feet arches. Overall the shoe is tested to be durable. featured a confession of a tennis player that the shoe gives him confidence as he knew on his first wear that it has cushioning to protect his feet and durability that the shoe can last in his many matches.

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Head Men’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe

This shoe comes in white or black color. It is made of synthetic leather. It has synthetic sole. It has seamless layering. Its eva core layer is for perfect fit and stability. It has also anti-slip heel lining.It has recent Amazon ratings of 4.2 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $69.95 – $129.95.

It has recent Amazon ratings of 4.2 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price range is $69.95 – $129.95.


  • good to wear around
  • Comfortable, durable
  • Price is discounted


  • Not so airy.

Buying Consideration

This has good looks while giving comfort, fit, and durability. The small plaint is about not so much being airy but it has great fit. That’s all there is. The benefits are great, more than the worth for its price.

Pretty ventilation, even in hard or clay courts durability and has great fit, so comfortable and durable.

Tennis Warehouse has this YouTube video review having three tennis players who professed they all love Head Men’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe. Cited are the shoe features of giving a cool feel to the feet, yes comfort, balance, good traction on the court and good arch support so the feet’s arches won’t get sore.

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Adidas CC adizero Feather III

This shoe comes in orange or pink color. It has adiprene for efficiency and propulsion in the fore foot. It has also climacool material.

It has a recent Amazon rating of 4.5 of 5 stars from verified purchases. Price is $79.00.


  • So comfortable shoe for tennis
  • Sides are comfortable
  • Light in weight


  • Only a gripe on the “boldness” of the color has been heard..

Buying Considerations

Definitely, a nice, light, and comfortable tennis shoe worth a try. The issue of color is on the eyes of the beholder. The climacool material gives more comfort and your feet really feel cooler.

The shoe was actually worn by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the great French tennis, during the 2014 ATP tour. He’s currently ranked World No. 12, and it really matters for him wearing the shoe known to have excellent cushioning, protective effect spread up to ankle joints and knees. Great to have this shoe of stability.

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The Merits of Choice We Have

Our picks are waiting for your sort of Olympic or grand slam matches. They’re great for 2019. We know that tennis players look always first for comfort, for the feel on the shoes they are wearing during competitions. Comfort is always associated with quality and brand prestige.

The appearance or style of the shoes comes secondarily for those not fashion conscious. But brand name also comes into play in so far as giving confidence to the wearers. Appearance therefore isn’t really knocked out as a factor.

There are other factors used to judge how top rated and best are shoes for men and women. There are features, weight, fit and safety, durability, stability, material content and other specifics like the shore’s traction. It’s yours to decide. But hey, the prices also count big.

The Architecture of Human Feet

Often, the common problem heard about brand new shoe after purchase is that it is first painful to wear. The wearer has just to wear and wear it, waiting for the time that the shoe gets stretched to be better and comfortable.

We have our human feet architecture and shoe engineers that are making tweaks to improve the shoe technology day by day. Our natural advice: just go for the right fit, not the undersized, neither the oversized.

When you have this in shopping for our Top 10 best tennis shoes for 2019, then when you’re an amateur tennis player, you’ll really change your perspective on tennis sports. You’ll get enjoyment and joy while playing wearing the shoes of our top picks.

Here they are for your own pick:

  • New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe
  • ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 4 Tennis Shoe
  • Adidas NEO Men’s Advantage Clean VS Lifestyle Tennis Shoe
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes
  • Nike Men’s Vapor Court Tennis Shoes
  • New Balance Men’s MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoe
  • ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe
  • Adidas Performance Men’s CC Rally Comp Tennis Shoe
  • Head Men’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe
  • Adidas CC adiZero Feather III Mens Tennis Shoe

Perks of Our Picks

Pick any of the shoes we rated as great, high performance best tennis shoes for 2019. Each has only few cons. Gee, each shoe in the market has always its pros and cons. Each, too, has its own performance rating. There are more perks from picks.

Our 10 top rated best tennis shoes are stuffs and matters of comfort and preference. Each has tweaks for cons and mesh and materials for flexibility, durability, and breathability. Cost-wise, all are great buys.

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