Best Skateboarding Shoes for 2019

Comfort, durability, protection, and stability, are the primary requirements of skaters in looking for the right skateboarding shoes. The need for control and grip on the board is important for skaters, especially when they perform skateboarding tricks.

Best Skateboarding Shoes

After doing some research, I came up with a list of the top 10 best skateboarding shoes for 2019. Though you may have your own judgments, I made comparisons of these brands.

I hope you get all the information you need to decide what brand is good for you.

Well, I bet you would also find your favorite brand on the list.

Skateboarding Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
Nike SB JanoskiNike SB Janoski$$5 stars
Adidas Skateboarding Adi-EaseAdidas Skateboarding Adi-Ease$5 stars
DC Men's Trase TXDC Men's Trase TX$$4 star
DC Men's Pure Action Sport SneakerDC Men's Pure Action Sport Sneaker$4.5 star
Globe Motley MidGlobe Motley Mid$4.5 star
Adidas Originals Seeley Skate ShoeAdidas Originals Seeley Skate Shoe$$4.5 star
Vans Sk8-HiVans Sk8-Hi
$$4.5 star
Osiris Skate ShoeOsiris Skate Shoe$$4.5 star
Globe Men's Sabre Skate ShoeGlobe Men's Sabre Skate Shoe$$4.5 star
Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate ShoeVans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe$$4.5 star

Skateboarding Shoes Buying Guide

The skateboarding shoes are designed for two particular reasons. Firstly, this footwear allows its wearer to enjoy maximum control over the skateboard. And secondly, a good pair of skate shoes prevents your feet from suffering all kind of injuries.

While purchasing a pair of skateboarding shoes, customers should keep the following features in mind.


When it comes to the uppers of skateboarding shoes, they can be made from a series of different materials. Choosing any one of them comes down to your personal preference and the way in which you’re going to use these shoes on the skateboard.

Suede: This particular material of construction can be ideal for all those skateboarders who’re going to perform a number of tricks on the skateboard. As compared to other materials, suede incorporates a better grip which eventually allows the wearer to do all kinds of flicks. However, this particular MOC isn’t very durable as compared to other forms of leather.

Nubuck: Another type of leather which is used in the upper’s construction of the skate shoes, Nubuck comes with a greater degree of durability as compared to its suede counterpart. But as far as the tricks are concerned, this material doesn’t furnish a great degree of traction.

Full-grain: The most durable form of leather, shoes incorporating full grain leather uppers can be used for an extended duration of time. It also comes with an adequate grip but as compared to suede leather, full grain leather is a bit heavy. Moreover, when full-grain leather is generally expensive, users have to spend a greater amount of money for purchasing shoes made of this particular material.

Canvas: The lightest material of construction, shoes incorporating canvas uppers tends to have a greater degree of flexibility as compared to any of the afore said materials. They also come at a reasonable price which makes them a decent choice for budget conscious skateboarders. In addition, canvas exhibits a greater degree of breathability on a consistent basis. But the downfall with this material is when you’re going to drag your shoes continuously with the skateboard, canvas isn’t very durable.

Vegan: Made entirely from animal free-products, the vegan skateboarding shoes are basically designed for all those players who are totally against the use of animal materials in their preferred footwear. However, they’re still relatively new to the market and you might have to do a bit of a search before finding a pair for your own feet.

male with skateboard at skateparkTypes of Skateboarding Soles

There are two types of soles which are normally used in the skateboarding shoes.

Vulcanized soles

Shoes incorporating vulcanized soles are the ones in which the soles are attached or glued to the shoe’s body without any kind of stitching. In fact, these soles are not glued but they are first heated to a certain extent before being attached to the body of the shoe.

The benefit with this type of soles is that they offer the best board feeling apart from providing a greater degree of flexibility. This makes them the perfect fit for players who’re making this purchase for doing a number of ground tricks – including glides and slides — because such kind of soles makes it easy to control the skateboard without any hindrance.

But on the contrary, vulcanized soles are devoid of proper heel support thanks to their flat exterior. If you’ve suffered from some sort of ankle injuries in this sport, shoes with vulcanized soles might not be ideal for you.

Cup Soles

If the sole is stitched to the body of a skateboarding shoe, this type of sole is known as a cup sole. In such kind of shoes, there is visible stitching which attaches the sole to the shoes’ bottom which makes it easy for the customers to differentiate between Cup Soles and Vulcanized Soles.

Cup Soles are generally harder than their Vulcanized counterparts which means that they will keep your heel in place, while providing a greater degree of feet support. But on the other end, you might have to sacrifice precision while controlling the skateboard with shoes incorporating cup soles.

So for the amateur skateboarders, who might regularly throw themselves away from the skateboard, they should go for cup soles.

Thickness of the Sole

When it comes to choose between thick and thin soles, users have to make a make a choice between added support and enhanced maneuverability. While thicker soles provide added support to your feet, which might come handy in case of harsh landings, they are also super-durable. However, you might have to sacrifice superior board control while opting for such type of sole construction.

As per a thin sole, it will allow skateboarders to feel the board underneath their feet which eventually allows them to enjoy maximum control over the board’s movement. However, it is devoid of proper foot support.

Toe Cap

Toes are generally the first portion of your skate shoes which will wear out after regular rubbing against the grip tape. It will eventually effect the durability of this product so having some sort of toe cap will increase the lifespan of the skateboarding shoes.

Nowadays, manufacturers use two or three layers of different materials, such as leather or suede, for protecting the toe region of the skate shoes.


Skateboarding shoes normally comes in three different heights: High Top, Mid Top and Low Top.

High Top: The high top skateboarding shoes are laced above the ankle. They have a greater shaft height as compared to other shoes which eventually offers added stability and improved padding around your ankle. Moreover, high-top shoes comes handy for players looking to keep their feet/joints warm while skating.

However, one drawback with such type of shoes is that as compared to other two footwear types, they lack proper degree of breathability.

Mid-Top: For users who aren’t sure about whether to go with high top or low top shoes but still want added protection, they should go with mid top shoes. Such kind of shoes have a greater shaft length as compared to the low-top shoes.

They are usually laced at either directly on the ankle or just below it. And when they are still higher than low-tops, the mid-top shoes will provide better stability, support and padding as compared to the low-cut shoes.

Low-Top: Thanks to their lower shaft length, the low-top footwear are the lightest pair of skateboarding shoes which you can purchase from today’s market. On making this purchase, you will get a lightweight and highly breathable shoe while sacrificing additional padding around your ankle.

woman skateboarding


When it comes to skateboarding, it is a type of extreme sport in which your feet, joints and ankles come under extreme stress. Especially when you’re jumping gaps or performing all those tricks on the stairs, your feet should be well protected to cope up with such a greater degree of impact.

As a result, skateboarding shoes often come with padded tongues, heels as well as side walls in order to make sure that your feet stay protected from unwanted injuries and you can spend your time on the skateboard in a comfortable manner.


For players who’re going to skate in hotter environments, proper ventilation/breathability is a key in their skate shoes. Not only it will protect their feet from getting sweaty but at the same time, it will also protect the players from unwanted foot odor.

Shoe laces

Laces are generally preferred over Velcro straps in the skating footwear. Available in a wide range of colors, you can get them in a wide range of lengths, shapes and sizes. But as compared to normal street shoes, the laces of a skateboarding shoe, too, comes with a number of differences.

First of all, apart from the upper which takes a continuous beating from continuous abrasion against the grip tape, the same mechanism applies to the shoe laces as well. In order to save the owner of their shoes from purchasing a new set of laces every now and then, different brands have started to opt for leather or even waxed shoe laces. Additionally, you can also choose plastic eyelets or even metal eyelets for increasing the lifespan of your shoelaces.

Proper Fit

The skateboarding shoes shouldn’t be so wide so that the players can swim in them, but they shouldn’t also be too narrow which might hurt their feet. According to a general rule of thumb, skateboarders should choose such type of footwear which comes with a minimal space, of about a thumb’s width, in the toe region. This would make sure that your shoes are neither too wide, nor too narrow.

If you are to add some kind of insole – for the sake of extra comfort – inside your footwear, go for the skate shoes which come with a little more space as compared to the afore-mentioned ones.

However, for players who enjoy the increased feeling of skateboard under there feet, they can also go with a precise fit. It will ultimately help them in terms of tricks and allows better grip over the skateboard.


Just like any other sport shoes, price does play a big role in the quality of this purchase. When an expensive pair of skateboarding shoe will last longer while delivering a better degree of performance, you cannot expect similar performance from a low-priced model. However, there is still no need to go for the ultra-expensive footwear as the medium priced skate shoes work extremely well in skateboarding.

As per the professional skateboarders, they should always go for the high-quality shoes because it will certainly help them to perform better against their competitors.

Top 10 Best Skateboarding Shoes for 2019

Nike SB Janoski

Labeled after the famous professional skateboarder, Stefan Janoski, this skate shoes has a classic skate outline that speaks of comfort and durability. It is made of canvas along with a pieced canvas upper and a rubber sole. These materials provide the skater a great feel of safety while riding on the board. It has a simple and low-profile lace in front and the Nike logo on the side.

Nike SB Janoski skateboarding shoes come in a wide array of different colors and color combinations or designs.It comes in a Summit White with its black logo, green, and its different shades, are brown, gray, red, and sequoia.

Since its initial debut in 2009, the SB Janoski has become more and more popular through the years. With its very solid “colorway,” the SB Janoski collection offers different styles and designs. This makes it that kind of shoe that can be worn with anything by anybody while still looking great at the same time. From among the brands that I have listed here, Nike, Vans, and Adidas are the most nominated skate shoe brands. You can check them out in the recent videos that can be found on YouTube.


  • Durable as it is made of sturdy materials
  • Customers speak of the great feel and craftsmanship of the brand
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • Customers who have tried Nike SB Janoski complained that the shoes are too narrow. Also, they feel tight around the toe knuckles even if they loosen the shoelaces. Possibly because the manufacturer uses durable materials to ensure protection (especially on landings) during its use.

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Adidas Skateboarding Adi-Ease

The Adidas Skateboarding Adi-Ease is a lace-up sneaker. It features a breathable leather canvas with the signature Adidas logo of the three stripes on its sides and heels. Its soles are made up of rubber with vulcanized rubber outsole.

Adidas Adi-Ease Lace-Up Sneakers comes in different colors like blue, black, white, brown and gray combined with their different monochromatic shades.

It has a comfortable feel and is priced lower than other skateboarding shoes. The brand is a practical choice for skateboarders, despite some reviews that say the material used for it is not designed to withstand all types of weather.


  • It is comfortable, more cushioned.
  • This shoe is created with fashionable design.
  • Rightly priced for customers.


  • Not designed for all types of weather.

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DC Men’s Trase TX

This skateboarding shoe is made up of textile material. The shoe is made of fabric sole which measures around 2” from the arch. It has a wraparound textured midsole and toe bumper.The DC Men’s Trase TX is a typical low-top sneaker that has four eyelets on its upper, designed for lacing, and a padded collar. You can find its logo on its heels, sides, and tongue. It also has a wraparound midsole with textured toe bumper. It is priced low but made of good quality materials. It comes in two colors: blue and red.

The DC Men’s Trase TX is a typical low-top sneaker that has four eyelets on its upper, designed for lacing, and a padded collar. You can find its logo on its heels, sides, and tongue.It also has a wraparound midsole with textured toe bumper. It is priced low but made of good quality materials. It comes in two colors: blue and red.

It also has a wraparound midsole with textured toe bumper. It is priced low but made of good quality materials. It comes in two colors: blue and red.


  • Great quality shoes for a cheap price
  • It is made affordable for skaters.
  • The simple design makes it more eye-catching.


  • Some customers complained of its fit.
  • Comes only in two colors: blue and red.

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DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker

This shoe is made up of leather and rubber soles, with multiple brand callouts. The DC Men’s Pure Action Sport has a sticky rubber outsole that’s abrasion-resistant during any skateboarding activity.

This makes it a good choice when it comes to protection during actual skateboarding exercises. It has a padded collar and drainage ports or holes in the middle and a performance cup sole.

DC has a shaft that measures approximately 2.99 inches from the arch. DC is offered in different color combinations, i.e., black, blue, wheat, white, and red. A likely choice if you are after protection and comfort.


  • Comfortable fit, with wide entrance
  • Abrasion-resistant, sticky rubber outsole
  • The breather holes allow your feet to breathe.


  • Some users observed valuable issues in sizes.

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Globe Motley Mid

Hold on to your horses! This shoe brand is said to have a great potential to be the number one skateboarding shoes. Made in the United States, this skateboarding shoe brand is made of canvas.

Its heel measures approximately 6” and has a rubber sole and mid-height for additional ankle support, offering more support and protection to its user. Well-cushioned and very comfortable, Globe Motley Mid Skate shoe users also find it roomier than other brands.

Globe Men’s Motley Mid Skate Shoe comes in different combinations of colors and shades like ginger, white, blue, gray, toffee, navy blue and brown.


  • Mid-collar support generous padding
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comfortable and roomy.


  • Customer should be guided on sizing.

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Adidas Originals Seeley Skate Shoe

The Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe is made up of imported synthetic materials with a rubber sole. It is described as a lace-up skate shoe with the traditional Adidas signature logo and wraparound midsole.

With a smooth abrasion-resistant upper, the shoe appears to be durable with its vulcanized rubber outsole appropriate for more grip and board control while riding the skateboard.

Its abrasion-resistant upper indicates the use of high-quality materials to protect users from accidents while having a comfortable sole. This brand would definitely make a good choice for durability and protection. It has a simple design that is recommendable to use.


  • It has a comfortable sole.
  • Simple and nice styling for everyday use.
  • The shoe is designed with a breathable canvas.


  • Tight feet on toe area; customers complain of pain on their toes after using them.

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Vans Sk8-Hi

This skateboarding shoe is made of canvas and is manufactured in China. Van’s Men’s Sk8-Hi MTE has a rubber sole, signature waffle rubber outsoles, suede uppers, and padded collars. This high-top shoe has three colorsand these are black, black/white, and blue.

Comfortable to use yet the use of canvas material does not guarantee durability during heavy skateboarding. They can break especially when used in skateboarding competitions.

This brand is not exempted from abrasion, though. A lace-up shoe, that is neatly designed, Van’s Men’s SK8-Hi MTE looks so comfortable to wear. If you’re after design and comfort, this pair is for you.


  • This shoe is comfortable to use.
  • Good looking that will make you look good.
  • Nice fit with these great shoes.


  • Long laces and undergoes discoloration after getting wet.

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Osiris Skate Shoe

This brand has grown into one of the biggest names when it comes to skating footwear. As one of the most respected brands in skateboarding, it has undergone rigorous testing and signifies both quality and function by skateboarding experts themselves.

Manufactured abroad, the Osiris Men’s Protocol is made up of synthetic material with a rubber sole, padded tongue, and collar that adds comfort and support.

With its iconic design, big logo, and high abrasion areas in its rubber outsole, Osiris speaks of durability promising high performance during skateboarding. It is definitely a good choice for skateboarders.


  • It is exactly sized.
  • Stylish and can give more protection and performance
  • Good pricing for this awesome pair of shoes.


  • It has frail materials in the sole.

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Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoe

The Sabre Skate Shoe is an iconic skate shoe brand. This pair of shoes is known to be reliable and can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is made of synthetic leather for its upper and synthetic sole.

Its unique feature is its ultra-heavy duty step in sock liner, tongue and collar cushion, airbag heel and a wraparound bumper sole for support. It has an integrated inner sock with nitrocel airbag, sole to cushion and control impact, and a Globe’s S-Trac for ultimate grip and flex.

It has a bold design and subtle logo and is known to be durable.


  • Made of durable materials
  • The bold design speaks of endurance.
  • High traction for long-term use.


  • Nitrocel heels can blow out anytime even if used only for a short time after purchase. It’s a common problem for brands using the same material for its heels.

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Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe

The Vans Unisex Old Skool skate shoe generally comes in the colors black and white. Made of canvas, Vans Unisex Old Skool has a rubber sole and a galvanized waffle outsole.

This means more traction and greater flexibility of movement for superior performance. It is conventionally styled with its vintage upper canvas. This brand can provide better control and can offer more protection from accidents and impact.

It also comes with a low-top and lace-up silhouette, metal eyelets, lining and padded tongue. In terms of comfort and durability, the brand already speaks for itself.


  • Comfortable for users to use
  • It perfectly fits the feet.
  • The simple and neat design adds up to its epic style.


  • None, so far and based on customer reviews.

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Buying Considerations

Choosing a pair of skateboarding shoes requires a close scrutiny. You need to know how it is made, and what type of materials used for the shoe, its uppers and sole. Futhermore, you need to know the type of grip, and the reinforcement in the toe area. Customers also would look for a pair that would have a nice, comfortable fit and buyers would also normally look for impact protection.

Skateboarding shoe levels are low, mid and high. Lower shoes provide better control of the fit, but lesser protection for the ankles. High tops have padding around, the ankles, but less control. Mid-level skateboarding shoes offer extra ankle padding but with less control over the feet. We try to expound some more in the different buying considerations for skateboarding shoes.

The Material Being Used

When buyers are particular about the materials that are being used, this means they are for durability. A durable pair of skateboarding shoes can protect the skateboarder from hard landings that could have an impact on the feet. In that way, it can reduce the possibility of wear and tear.

There are other design features that could reduce wear and tear in both the interior and exterior shoe areas. I consider the lace guards. However, the upper material and the outer soul are also extremely important in protecting the skateboarder. Take the case of Vans which first introduced the flat-soled waffle grip.

Primarily, when buying a pair of skateboarding shoes, you must pay particular attention to the shoe material used in the upper portion of the shoe. These may include suede, Nubuck leather, full-grain leather, and action leather. It can also have other synthetics that are almost like the real leather as they look and feel as good as the original.

If one is looking for the best grip when doing flicking tricks, a skateboarding shoe with suede leather upper may be a good choice. However, it does not promise durability. Nubuck leather can also have a good grip and is more durable than suede.

So far, the most durable of them all is full-grain leather as it provides an adequate grip. Synthetic leather looks as if a real leather and performs as good as leather. There is also PU or polyurethane coated leather that retains its shape longer as compared to other leathers. This is because shoes with PU have a plastic covering which is similar to skate shoes that have a shiny finish. However, they are not as comfortable as suede. Full-grain leather easily breaks down and is not as durable and comfortable than suede. So is canvas, which is not capable of keeping its shape for a longer time.

Now, here comes Duracap rubber which is from vulcanized rubber and bond on the backside of the canvas. During skating, this provides support as it is pressed into the canvas and puts the canvas intact. This is also used on the backside of suede vamps to keep it longer, including the shape of the toe. Polyurethane sock liners that are found in most Van Pro Skate shoes make it a durable choice. The reason is that it does not break down the other insole materials.

On the other hand, the cheaper EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner is sparingly used. This because it may not be as durable as its polyurethane counterpart. Blow-molded EVA like the one in one of Nike’s running shoes degrades quicker than PU. However, it seldom degrades and can be molded harder or softer for the cup sole.

Shoe Fit

Most customers complain of the shoe being too tight, particularly in the toe area. This has become a big consideration in buying a skateboarding shoe since not all customers measure their feet prior to making a purchase. The best fit should be the one that measures one fit and also measurable in the insides of the shoe. The best way to measure the feet is, of course, to do it in the afternoon or towards the end of the day when our feet tends to swell.

To avoid a painful shoe from a new shoe, it is suggested that the customer measures his feet size. Your feet can also be measured in two ways. You can trace the foot or place four large square objects around the outer edges of the foot. However, tracing the foot seemed to be the most accurate from among the two methods. We must also consider that there is a rough difference in American shoe sizes, especially for shoes made in the United States. A scale is usually given wherein the measurement of the larger foot is used and converted into inches.

Shoe Caps and Reinforcement Layers

Shoe Caps and Reinforcement Layers are another consideration when buying skateboarding shoes. These are added pads that provide more protection and added durability to the shoe. These covers are made as a way to stop shoes from splitting at the toes caused by impact.

And when it comes to impact protection, attention is turned to the heel. To protect a skate shoe from impact, materials like rubber, gels, and air cushions are used. Skateboarding shoe protection often comes from using EVA and polyurethane materials and buyers would prefer them due to its low cost and performance.

Skateboarding Shoe Level

The choice of skateboarding level depends on the customer’s preference and comfort. Customers would normally prefer those with a large amount of control and padding.

The shoe level is another important buying consideration. The skateboarding customer can have three basic options of what shoe to buy. They can base it on the shoe level, which ar the low, the mid, and the high top. If one wants better control and protection for his ankles, the lower shoes would be preferable.

Mid-level shoes have extra padding on the ankles and enable the skateboarder more foot balance and control. High tops, on the other hand, has more padding around the ankles and gives less control over the feet.

Tongue, Design, and Balance

You can either choose from a puffy tongue to a slimmer one. This, of course, depends on your choice although this has no impact at all on gauging durability nor on cushioning a landing. An extra foam on does not have much contact.

The pitch is also important in choosing a pair of skateboarding shoes. As a buyer, you must look at the difference between heel and toe height. This is important as it can affect your moves when you run, pivot, and take control. Other major buying considerations include the tongue and components of the shoe.

Other Buying Considerations

Other buying considerations would include shoe laces and the sole material used. Customers generally would prefer laces that do not easily wear and those with straps over their laces. Some would prefer Kevlar coated laces, while some would come with straps and round laces. The choice would either be for thinner shoes or bulky ones, depending on the preference of the customer.

When it comes to the sole, manufacturers offer customers a range of different sole types and materials. You can choose a pair of shoes that is made of like vulcanized rubber or standard sole type that provide more protection and feel.

Considerations for the customer choices include better grip, feel, and durability. While some customers are not too particular of the seller, it is best to check them. Online reviews can be of big help in this case such as Amazon and eBay’s feedbacks. Going over the information may not take much of your valuable time as all information can be accessed online.

Aside from reviews, you can also check the terms and conditions of sale. You can also look for the number of sales made on the account and other purchase add-ons and services. Get a brand that offers a money back guarantee, free shipping and discounts.

Price is seldom a major buying consideration in choosing skateboarding shoes for most of its buyers. Skaters usually look for brands that offer added protection and grip, and stability. When it comes to design, the choice can be relative but there is more preference for durable uppers, rubber soles, and protection from impact.

Checking of the returns policy would be very important for you as well as in customer online support. Other sources of information can also be found in social media, blogs, and discussions. There are companies that give more attention to their customers and their requirements through feedback and discussion boards.

Finding the right skateboarding shoes that meet your expectations and fit a tee will definitely no longer be a big problem after reading this article. Any pair of skateboarding shoes will be good enough for you for as long as you take these things in mind. I encountered the same dilemma so many times before but after I have learned my lessons from my purchases. I now consider comfort and durability as my top criteria, regardless of what color and brand. Of course, it also pays to do some research before even thinking of buying one.

Now it is up to you as a buyer to choose which among these ten top best skateboarding shoes would suit your requirements and budget. You can pick your choice using style, durability, and protection as your major criteria. Unless, of course, some company comes up with a more revolutionary skateboarding shoe product. Happy buying!!

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