Best Shoes for Deadlift 2019

Many people choose to dedicate their life to a certain sport of activity. This dedication requires your life to completely adapt to this activity. This means you are no longer able to eat what you want, to do what you want or too spend your day doing nothing. Someone who wants to focus on deadlifting, needs to include some factors which will improve his performance during his training sessions. Other than hard work and commitment, an important factor would be the equipment you use. You need to wear high-quality training clothes which will make you comfortable and they need to be breathable. There are even some accessories which help you sweat less and they improve your performance by enhancing the properties of certain parts of your body.

Best Shoes for Deadlift

Your choice of footwear is vital for you since your feet will feel a large amount of pressure no matter what you do. When it comes to deadlift, you feet will feel much more pressure than they usually do and you need to adjust your shoes to help you. If you feel like you can’t spend extra money to improve your deadlifting game, you can use some other training shoes. However, there are certain shoes that should be avoided if you want to make the most out of your deadlift. There are not many guides on the Internet that provide complete information on choosing the perfect pair of shoes for deadlifting and we hope this article helps you make your decision.

Top Shoes for Deadlift List

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
Adidas Power Perfect IIAdidas Power Perfect II$$5 stars
Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes Pendlay Do-Win$$4.5 star
Reebok Men's R Crossfit Lifter Training ShoeReebok Crossfit Lifter$$4.5 star
Adidas Performance Men’s PowerLift 2.0Adidas PowerLift 2.0$$4 star
Nike Men's Romaelos II Powerlifting ShoesNike Romaleos 2.0$$$4 star

Buying Guide


You will probably do little or no running or even walking in your deadlifting shoes so you might think the size won’t matter too much. However, length and width of your shoes is an important aspect to be considered since your feet will probably end up in a position different than usual. While lifting, your feet will spread because of the force that acts upon them. This means that shoes which fit you just right while standing might feel a bit uncomfortable during your workout. You should consider wider shoes than your normal casual or running shoes in order for your feet to have extra room. On the other hand, getting a pair of shoes that are too wide might hurt your feet in other ways. Try to find the perfect balance.

Sizing of shoes for deadlifting and crossfit usually runs the same as the sizing of other shoes. However, pay extra attention to customer feedback if you intend to order them online. They will often comment on the sizing and whether you should get half of size bigger or smaller. If you are buying them in person, be sure to try them on first. Keep in mind that they need more time to break in because they are stronger than other shoes.

girl athlete exercise deadlift

Shoe Types

When you enter a gym, you will probably notice how people wear all sorts of different shoes. You will mostly notice running shoes, but people also wear anything that makes them feel comfortable. You might feel like running shoes might be the perfect choice for gym and weightlifting. However, you should stay aware of the fact that your feet need a stable and firm touch with the ground in order to make your lifting more efficient. Running shoes were meant to absorb the damage from the impact you feel while running but they also make you lose real contact with the ground and they do not provide stability needed for deadlifting.

In order to make the most out of your exercise, you should consider buying and using weightlifting or crossfit shoes since they have firm and strong insoles and midsoles. They are strong since they are designed for people who need to stand strong while lifting heavy weights or performing difficult exercises. These shoes often come with a price, but folks who are serious about their workout should consider getting a pair of similar shoes since they are firm and sturdy and should last you a couple of years.


The choice often lies between real leather of synthetic materials. Your shoes for deadlifting will generally be very hard and heavyweight. This is because the insole and midsole is made hard with a purpose to provide better stability. As the upper part goes, real leather is able to mold to your feet better and they might feel like they were modeled for your feet. However, real leather is also hard and it is not so breathable which might make your feet sweat more.

On the other hand, synthetic materials provide a more breathable experience since there are many vapor holes through which air can flow and refresh you. This also adds to the general feeling of tiredness after a workout. Feet that feel constant air circulation are able to withstand more exercise and feel less sore in the end. Additionally, shoes that are made from synthetic materials are often less expensive. It feels like synthetic materials for the upper might feel like a better choice for you but you should not list off leather shoes simply because of this information.


Choosing the best shoes for your training may depend on your choice of combining other workouts. If you plan to combine deadlifting with squats, you might want to consider weightlifting shoes which also provide excellent support for squats. They offer a stable support which keeps your balance and enables you to lift heavy loads. Some of the exercises that benefit from these shoes are the deadlift, squats, and overhead press. They are firm and strong with excellent fraction since slipping or moving during heavy lifting can cause permanent damage.

On the other hand, if you do not plan on doing any heavy lifting or overhead pressing, you can easily do well without a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes. You might want to consider cross-training shoes. Crossfit has become more popular than ever for a reason and cross-training shoes can be functional in many different exercises. They have flat soles and they provide significant ankle support. Contrary to weightlifting shoes, they are comfortable enough to be work outside the gym as well. As deadlifting goes, they can provide enough support since they have flat and strong soles.

5 Best Shoes for Deadlift

Adidas Power Perfect II – Best Budget Shoes

They almost entirely share the design with their predecessor and adidas hasn’t done much to fix it. The design is nice though but it can feel somewhat boring. The real difference between Power Perfect II and Power Perfect lays in the heel design and the use of different materials. Synthetic materials have been used in order to design a lightweight shoe with both comfort and stability. There are also more vapor holes which add to the shoe’s breathability. The heel now lies at the height of 0.75” which can be described as the perfect height.


  • EVA foam in the feel has been made thicker in order to provide more support for heavier loads.
  • The sizing runs similarly as it goes with adidas tennis and casual shoes so you can pick them in a similar manner.
  • They are really lightweight because of the use of synthetic materials yet they are comfortable because of EVA foam.


  • There is only one color to choose from.
  • The price is pretty high and it can be hard to settle for these shoes, especially when you check how cheaper the competition is.
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Pendlay Do-Win

Pendlay has lent a couple of their designs to other manufacturers and you might have already worn them but didn’t ever realize it. Their design is specific and they feel strong and hard. They switched from their wooden feel to EVA foam a couple of models ago in order to make them more comfortable. They have kept their heel height of 0.75” which can be considered a standard when it comes to deadlifting and weightlifting shoes. The upper consists of full leather with heavy mesh.


  • The design is improved by changing the sole and providing a more lightweight, comfortable feel.
  • There are both men’s and women’s sizes and colorways to choose from and the design is pretty standard for weightlifting shoes.
  • You get a high-quality pair of shoes for what you paid.


  • These shoes tend to run larger than normal so you might consider ordering a half size smaller than you usually wear.
  • They can sometimes be unavailable in the specific sizing and color you want and you might need to wait for them to become available.
  • They are somewhat expensive and it can be a tough purchase, even though you will wear them for a long time.
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Reebok Crossfit Lifter

Reebok has tried to design a shoe which is able to provide many different functions. It is supposed to be used for regular weightlifting while also enabling you to do crossfit exercises because of its flexible forefoot sole design. They have succeeded in their intentions and they have even been able to keep the shoe lightweight in the process. It does not feature EVA foam and they used TPU synthetic material which is light and does not compress during your workout. They can feel somewhat too flexible for hardcore weightlifters but they might suit other people well in multiple areas.


  • They can be used for multiple purposes and they perform well in various working conditions. People can use them for deadlifting, crossfit, weightlifting, etc.
  • They are very lightweight because of light synthetic materials used.
  • U-Form technology molds to your feet quite easily.


  • Some hardcore gym folks might feel like they fail to complete either one of its functions completely.
  • They can feel a bit too flexible and its users might feel like they do not offer enough support for more difficult exercises.
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Adidas Performance Men’s PowerLift 2.0

Adidas is somewhat of a powerhouse when it comes to weightlifting shoes and equipment. There are a couple of models everyone thinks of when adidas is mentioned. PowerLift 2.0 is definitely one of those names. These shoes can generally be considered affordable and they are definitely cheaper than other weightlifting shoes on the marked. However, they do run a bit narrow and it is hard to know whether the width will suit you without trying them on beforehand. They are manufactured of real leather with EVA foam being used in the heel which is a lightweight polymer material.


  • It is a very comfortable shoe and they will even get more comfortable after you break them in the period of a couple of weeks.
  • Its price is really affordable and they offer significant quality to price ratio.
  • There are many colorways to choose from.


  • Their heel height is only 0.6” which can feel insufficient.
  • They do run a bit narrow so people with wide feet might feel uncomfortable wearing them, especially since your foot spreads while working out.
  • EVA foam is somewhat weak for more intense workouts.
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Nike Romaleos 2.0

The first item on our list from the world’s greatest sports equipment manufacturer, Nike, is called Nike Romaleos 2.0. They have been introduced during the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and they have become the favorite shoes of athletes worldwide, even though they have changed slightly from that time. They have become more lightweight and a significant amount of effort has been put into making them more breathable. Additionally, people with wide feet might find these shoes more comfortable when compared to competition. The heel stands at 0.75” tall.


  • There are two insole options for this pair of shoes so you can adjust them to your likings with no problem at all.
  • People with wide feet will be glad to hear that there is plenty of room available in the toe box.
  • These shoes are probably one of the best shoes for weightlifters and professionals choose them over the competition.
  • Many different colors to choose from.


  • These shoes are very heavy which makes them unusable for most exercises.
  • Probably the most expensive item on our list.
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