Best Rugby Boots for 2019

Rugby Boots Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
ASICS Men's GEL-Lethal Speed Rugby ShoeASICS GEL-Lethal Speed$$5 stars
Adidas Predator Malice SG Rugby BootsAdidas Predator Malice SG$$$4.5 star
Canterbury Phoenix Club 6 Stud Junior Rugby BootsCanterbury Phoenix Club 6 Stud Junior$$4.5 star
Adidas SS17 Adizero Malice SG Rugby BootsAdidas SS17 Adizero Malice SG$$$4 star
Canterbury Men’s Stampede Club 8 Stud Rugby BootsCanterbury Stampede Club 8 Stud$$4 star

Buying Guide

Let’s take a look which factors to consider when making your first purchase.

Sizing and Fit

As is the case with any sports activity requiring the participator to evaluate his performance, sizing and a comfortable fit are vital if you want to make your best effort out on the rugby pitch. The rule of the thumb should be applied when trying on your first pair of rugby shoes because they shouldn’t feel too snug or they will cause discomfort and your feet will definitely feel sore afterward. However, wearing boots which are too large will also decrease your performance and it’s the best to leave a small amount of space between the back part of the shoe and your heel which should be just large enough to fit one of your fingers.

Sizing charts can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and it’s always a good idea to read it before making your purchase. Other customers will also inform you whether the shoe runs true to size or not. However, if you find yourself choosing between two similar sizes, choose the smaller one since most baseball cleats expand over time.

Best Rugby Boots

Low, Mid, or High-cut?

As is observable with a large number of different types of footwear, rugby choose often provide different cuts for the players to choose from which generally means you choose certain priorities over the others. The differences between them are small but very important because your choice should be tailored according to the position you play the most. Different types offer a better performance in different fields so make your choice accordingly.

Low-cut shoes are best for players and positions which require them to run often and be agile at all times. This is the case because low-cut shoes often provide little or no ankle support which means your foot is able to move freely without any restrictions. However, if you are going to play defense and rely on your feet for support, then low-cut rugby shoes are not your best option.

Mid-cut shoes are sort of a balance between agility, ankle support, and stability. This is certainly the best option for certain positions or for beginners who have not yet settled on a playing style.

High-cut boots sort of lock in your ankle and don’t allow it move freely and quickly. However, locking in your ankle like this will certainly improve your balance and stability. Players who play defense would certainly benefit from shoes like this since they don’t need a lot of agility to play that position but they do need a lot of strength and stability.

Materials Used

The choice is basically always the same. Rugby players have to choose between real leather and some synthetic materials and all of them have their pros and cons. Rugby is a tough and fast-paced sport, and that is why rugby boots have to stay durable and flexible. They need to be able to withstand a lot of damage but they should also feel flexible enough to take the shape of your foot and adjust to it as you make your way through the pitch.

Real leather is definitely the most popular choice for rugby boots because of its durability and toughness. However, one of its cons is that don’t handle different weather conditions so well and they tend to stretch out when exposed to rain and mud. On the other hand, synthetic materials are a great alternative since they are mostly water-resistant and they can adjust to any situation. However, they generally feel less durable but they are quite cheaper.

rugby boots

Firm and Soft Ground

Rugby boots also feature studs on the bottom part and that is a must for any sport which is played on real soil and grass. Your choice of studs will affect your traction and your ability to dig into the ground and make quick turns, stay stable, and tackle the opponent. There are two types of studs for two most important types of boots: Firm Ground and Soft Ground.

Firm Ground boots feature short, molded studs on the outsole because they are designed to absorb the shock you feel while running on the firm ground. The length is very important because longer cleats will make you unstable without offering anything in return. Firm ground offers a stable surface which means you don’t need extra traction.

Soft Ground boots feature long metal studs which dig into the ground and offer stability even in the most difficult of circumstances. You can also choose between the preferred number of studs and you can even opt for screw-in cleats where you can modify your studs yourself.

Top 5 Rugby Boots

ASICS GEL-Lethal Speed<

ASICS is definitely a go-to brand for a lot of different sport-related purposes. They excel at manufacturing performance-oriented shoes so let’s take a look at this rugby boot! The boot itself is low-cut, offering outstanding agility and mobility. The shoe is synthetic which means it’s great to use is in wet and difficult areas. The midsole utilizes EVA foam in the midsole to provide maximum comfort in any area. There are three different color schemes and each of them is quite different from the other enabling you to suit your shoes according to your jersey and your personal preference.


  • These cleats feature synthetic materials which make them quite usable and effective on difficult terrains and you can definitely use them for a long time.
  • They are low-cut which really enables you to run and turn quickly without losing speed and that is why they carry the name “Lethal Speed“.
  • Their design is quite fancy and elegant.


  • Since they are made out of real synthetic materials, they don’t provide as much durability as leather boots.
  • Customers have reported how the sizing is too small and you should really be careful when ordering them online.
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Adidas Predator Malice SG

Let’s stick with Adidas for the final entry on our list with the model which appears to be one of the most well-known ones. Predator Malice has a great story to tell since they are definitely a major part of rugby history. They definitely look awesome since they are entirely black with red Adidas striper. They are manufactured for soft ground and this means they are a good choice for more difficult terrains which require a different approach than usual. Additionally, this is probably the lightest rugby shoe Adidas has ever made which makes it a great choice for both backs and kickers.


  • This boot is definitely speed-friendly and its light weight will enable you to run more quickly than anyone else on the field.
  • They are great for difficult terrains as they feature studs which are able to handle mud and dirt.
  • They are worn by many rugby legends which means it’s a good choice for professionals.


  • They also carry a professional price so think twice before purchasing them.
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Canterbury Phoenix Club 6 Stud Junior

These rugby boots are manufactured by Canterbury, a manufacturer which may not appear famous to casual users who are only getting to know the world of rugby but we guarantee they make high-quality footwear. They feature synthetic textile for the upper part which definitely feels almost as durable as real leather. The bottom part of the boot has 8 studs and you can even add one more if you feel like it’s necessary. Even though they are low-cut, some ankle protection is provided with extra cushion around the ankle area. There is only one color scheme and they are predominantly black with a white logo, blue midsole, and a yellow interior.


  • This is definitely one of the most durable synthetic rugby boots on the market and they are definitely a long-term purchase.
  • Even though low-cut boots, don’t provide enough ankle protection, this model has been able to implement it.
  • The heel is extra protected in order to protect your feet from impact.


  • They are quite expensive when you take everything into consideration.
  • They are designed for the forwards and defenders should probably look for other shoes.
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Adidas SS17 Adizero Malice SG

Any top shoe list feels incomplete without at least one shoe manufactured by either Adidas or Nike. However, they don’t usually manufacture a lot of different models designed specifically for rugby but a lot of players decide to wear their soccer cleats for rugby. This cool model feels and looks great for players looking to stay on top of their speed. Only light weight materials are used such as mesh and they are made for backs. They sacrifice ankle support for quickness and they are made to be worn on soft ground where you can get the edge needed to stay balanced. The only color scheme is black and yellow combined but they definitely look awesome!


  • This is definitely one of the best models designed for soft ground since they offer great balance and stability on the most difficult of surfaces.
  • They are designed with speed and quickness in mind, making them perfect for backs.
  • Stud positioning is awesome and the comfort of the shoe is acceptable.


  • They are very expensive and buying them needs a lot of commitment.
  • There is very little to none ankle protection.
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Canterbury Stampede Club 8 Stud

We are sticking with this amazing manufacturer which focuses solely on rugby boots and merchandise. They are based in New Zealand and we are going to take a look at one of their boots made for junior rugby players. The shoe comes in two color waves: black and red, and blue and yellow. They look great for children and they feature a synthetic upper part with a lot of emphasis being put on comfort and light weight. There are 6 studs in total and they are somewhat longer than expected which makes them great for rough terrains since you can really experience that extra traction.


  • This model is definitely one of the best ones for young children looking to start playing rugby.
  • They are light weight and they won’t slow your kid down or make him feel extra tired.
  • They offer great comfort which is really vital for young kids.
  • Studs are longer than usual and this certainly helps your kid stay balanced in muddy and wet terrains.
  • The price is really affordable which is great considering the manufacturer.
  • The fit runs true to size.


  • They might feel strange to wear on firm ground.
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