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People who are in love with all types of outdoor activities are willing to do anything in order to make their activity more enjoyable. These activities are often adrenalin-filled and they often involve a certain amount of danger. Nowadays, everything is done in order to prevent accidents from happening but some things are not in our power to control and we have to make ourselves safe in any way possible.

best rock climbing shoesThe first thing you will need to prepare yourself for is the amount of skill you have. You will need to train before you undertake any activity which is too challenging. Second of all, you will need to invest in proper equipment which will keep you safe. This equipment does not come cheap but it’s a must if you want it to save your life at some point.

Rock Climbing Shoes Rating

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Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Men

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance Rock Climbing ShoeLa Sportiva Tarantulace$$5 stars
La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing ShoeLa Sportiva TC Pro$$$5 stars
Mad Rock Men's Flash 2.0 Climbing ShoeMad Rock Flash 2.0$$4.5 star
La Sportiva Genius Climbing ShoeLa Sportiva Genius$$$4.5 star
Five Ten Men's Anasazi Moccasym Climbing ShoeFive Ten Anasazi Moccasym$$$4 star
evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoeevolv Shaman$$$4 star
Scarpa Men's Vapor V Climbing ShoeScarpa Vapor V$$$4 star

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Women

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing ShoeLa Sportiva TarantuLace$$5 stars
Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoe - Women'sEvolv Nikita$$4.5 star
La Sportiva Oxygym Shoe - Women'sLa Sportiva Oxygym$$4 star

Rock climbing is definitely one of the most dangerous and exciting activities for people around the world and it requires the activist to invest in the best gear possible. The number one priority for anyone interested in rock climbing should be their rock climbing shoes. They should be high-quality and they should adapt to your area and activity in order to make you safe. That is why we have decided to come up with a buying guide and a list of top products to make any future rock climber’s choice easier and better.

Buying Guide

Settle for Your Type of Climbing

In order to choose the best type of rock climbing shoes, you firstly need to decide what type of climbing are you interested in the most. Shoe manufacturers often decide to model their shoes based on one of these types so don’t get confused and order the wrong type.

Some shoes are manufactured in order to serve people on flat terrains and for people who are mostly going to participate in sports and competitive activities which don’t actually include mountaineering and nature rock climbing. These shoes usually feature a flat sole which sort of gets adapted to the flat surface. The sole is usually thick and you should focus on getting the shoe to feel as snug as possible since any movement in the shoe will decrease your performance.

The second type of climbing is the one that includes steep and rocky terrains which are usually hard on the foot and can cause pain if one chooses the wrong type of rock climbing shoes. If you are certain that you are going to spend a lot of time on these areas, consider buying a rock climbing shoes which curves downward in the area between the heel and the toe. With this shape, they are able to mold to the terrain and still provide comfort but this comes with a price which is somewhat higher than the other type. However, it’s important to buy your rock climbing shoes according to your needs. Buying the wrong type won’t feel like much of a difference if you are a casual rock climber but it will make a difference if you become very passionate.


As is the case with most types of shoes, getting the perfect fit is very vital. However, since we are talking about shoes manufactured for people taking part in one of the most dangerous outdoor activities, it’s vital that your shoe fits you perfectly or you might run into trouble.

When it comes to length, the perfect fit should not feel too tight as these types of activities will really go rough on your feet and it may cause blisters to form. On the other hand, a perfect fit should not feel loose at all because it may turn out to be more dangerous than a tight fit. When your foot is able to move freely on the inside, it may cause excessive movement while trying to make your next move and you might not be able to accurately deduce where to step on because the top of your shoe won’t include the top of your foot. Your foot needs to feel and move together with the shoe at all times.

When it comes to width, most rock climbing shoes feature the standard width but there are exceptions which are manufactured for people with wide feet who struggle with finding a pair of shoes which will feel snug. Your best bet is to read online reviews and see how customers felt about the width.


Choosing the best material for your rock climbing shoes is vital because the material used determines the way it will perform. For example, shoes which feature real leather on the upper part tend to stretch out after a couple of weeks and that change in size is irreversible. This means you will lose the original fit which fitted you nicely and your foot won’t feel locked in one place while you move. However, leather linings are used to prevent this from happening. Synthetic materials are often a better choice because they offer extra durability and they are generally lighter and more breathable than real leather.

When it comes to the rubber sole, rock climbing shoes don’t generally offer the thickness you would expect since they often rely on durability more than on comfort. This is an important fact and the best climbing shoe would be the one which offers the perfect balance between the two.


It may not seem like an important factor, but the closure system plays a vital role in your performance and there is a never-ending battle between different closing systems. However, all of them perform the best in certain aspects and choosing the best one depends on how you feel. Let’s take a look at the two most common types:

Slip-on – Slip-on shoes often feature no closing system at all and they are easily put on and worn. Shoes like this tend to be more casual and recommended for beginners.

Lace-up – This is definitely the most popular closure system since you are in charge of how tight you want your shoes to feel.

7 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Men in 2019

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

This men’s climbing shoe from La Sportiva features a fast lacing system which can help the user put them on in a second and be ready to enjoy his favorite activity. The design of the shoe ensures that the foot feels snug and that your feet don’t move inside the shoe and cause pain.

The shoe is breathable and the materials used ensure a great experience. The sole is made out of rubber and the upper part consists of various synthetic materials. The sole is definitely thick enough to make you forget you are walking on sharp and dangerous rocks.


  • The shoe itself will adjust to your feet and you will be able to feel it shrink or expand. This property makes the shoe perfect for people with wide feet.
  • It can be put on in no time and laces don’t untie themselves on their own.
  • They are very durable and you can wear them for a long time before noticing a scratch.


  • The sizing of the shoe is a bit off so consult with other customers before purchasing.
  • Customers have reported that they stretch out after a couple of uses.
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La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing Shoe

Another entry on our top products list is manufactured by Sportiva and the shoe itself looks quite different than anything you have seen before. The shoe is synthetic and the padding looks thick and strong.

To be honest, the entire shoe looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and that is a good thing for rock climbers around the world. This model even won several awards for its innovative technologies and there are only two color schemes to choose from.


  • The shoe is hard, sturdy, and it can absorb any kind of impact without hurting you or your feet.
  • It has won several awards which means its quality is certified.
  • Customers from all around the world really love this model.


  • If you really wish to enjoy everything this shoe has to offer, be prepared to spend a significant amount of money on this model.
  • Sizing can trick you sometimes so pay extra attention to what other people are saying if you don’t want your money to go to waste.
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Mad Rock Men’s Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe

This shoe model manufactured by Mad Rock features both leather and synthetic materials in its design. The sole is both leather and rubber whereas the upper part is also leather combined with Synflex, which is a stretchable synthetic material.

These shoes utilize Shock Gel to absorb the impact you might feel from a fall, usually in the heel compartment.


  • The price tag on these shoes is really affordable for the quality of performance you get in return.
  • They feel quite comfortable and the design of the shoe will really support your weight as you run or jump.


  • They are quite tight when it comes to width and they don’t stretch out that much after a couple of uses.
  • They are not so durable and they tend to fall apart quickly.
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La Sportiva Genius

La Sportiva was the first company to feature shoes with soles facing down and they have used their extensive knowledge of that technology to come with their Genius shoe. The upper part of the shoe is synthetic and it features a fast lacing system which is hard to untie. The materials used include the sole made out of Vibram XS Grip2 and also a synthetic upper.

The shoe is unisex and it features both men and women sizes. The shoe is designed to fit anyone’s foot because the Laspoflex midsole adapts to your foot size.


  • This model feels very comfortable and La Sportiva has been able to utilize the shape of the shoe to add to its comfort, even though the sole is thin.
  • It fits perfectly and the midsole will still make it feel like the fit is just right even though it can sometimes feel somewhat wide.
  • This shoe is recommended for professional athletes looking for professional performance in the most dangerous of fields.


  • It is definitely very expensive and you should really think whether you are seriously going to consider rock climbing.
  • Customers have reported that the fit feels too hard and causes pain.
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Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

This product comes straight from The United Stated and it features a lot of different colors and designs. The shoe features pull tabs which are used to put the shoe on and they look and feel like moccasins, as you can see from the name.

The upper part is made out of leather, which is a rare sight when it comes to rock climbing shoes. The sole is rubber and it’s thicker than we expected. The heel compartment acts as a slingshot to make you reach greater heights.


  • They feel very sensitive and they are able to mold together with your feet and make your favorite activity more enjoyable.
  • They are a good choice for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • The rubber sole is very thick and it offers great traction for both solid and wet surfaces.


  • This is not the most expensive on our list but it still requires a deeper pocket.
  • Customers have complained how the fit is not as correct as it should be.
  • The color washes off easily and they can sometimes be difficult to put on.
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Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe

This rock climbing shoe manufactured by evolv definitely looks futuristic, to say the least. First of all, the shape looks strange and it’s downturned in order to provide maximum grip and comfort. The most protected area appears to be the one between the toes and the heel as opposed to many other shoe models on the market.

They don’t stretch as much since they are made out of synthetic leather. They run small but they are quite friendly for people with wide feet and for people who are looking for a serious pair of rock climbing shoes.


  • Shaman climbing shoe is a great choice for a professional who wants to improve his performance in almost any outdoor activity available out there.
  • They are very comfortable and durable and they are quite friendly for people with wide feet.
  • They don’t stretch out easily and you are good to go as soon as you find the perfect fit.


  • They run very small so consider ordering either a half size or a full size larger than your regular shoes.
  • They are not so perfect for beginners since they are very aggressive.
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Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Let’s take a look at another climbing shoe from SCARPA, which is one of the most well-known rock climbing shoe manufacturers in the world. This model looks quite sturdy and strong and it features a rubber sole of medium thickness and a synthetic upper. The midsole uses Vibram XS technology in order to provide maximum grip.

The heel is extra protected because of the lower tension on it and the Bi-Tension system offers extra toe protections for extreme conditions. There are no laces and you will use the dual strap closing system which you can use to adjust the fit of the shoe yourself.


  • Vapor V climbing shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market and its durability is unmatched.
  • The sizing is pretty much consistent and accurate.
  • They are great for a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and mountain climbing to mountaineering.


  • They end up smelling a lot after only a couple of weeks.
  • The heel could have used more padding.
  • You will still need to take them off from time to time to let your feet relax.
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3 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Women in 2019

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

Finally, let’s review a women’s product and we decided to choose the absolute favorite among female climbers. TarantuLace offers a fast lacing system which can also be used to adjust the fit and snug yourself. The sticky rubber sole will attach itself to any surface and it will provide great comfort.

The asymmetric shape ensures that your toes are maximally protected and we can even say that the design is very eye-catching. The price is quite affordable and you probably won’t be able to get this performance for the same price anywhere else on the market.


  • This is one of the affordable quality women’s rock climbing shoes and they offer great and colorful design.
  • The rubber sole will perform great both in wet and dry areas with its supreme traction.
  • There are several materials which were included in the design in order to make the shoe durable.


  • The leather stretches out over time which is a factor to consider while making your purchase.
  • They are not recommended for people with wide or flat feet.
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Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoe for Women

Climbing mountain as a hobby requires practice and experience. Once you gain that experience, another important thing is preparing. What kind of preparations do you require? Buying adequate tools that will aid your hiking such as shoes.

When going to shop for shoes that are suitable for women during mountain climbing, consider buying Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoes. These are shoes specifically made for women. Why do l say, women? First, l know you understand that women have got a smaller foot as compared to men.


  • A product from pure leather.
  • Has adjustable laces to give a firm grip.
  • Available in two colors, Violet, and grey.
  • Rubber sole providing a firmer grip while climbing.


  • The main core of life is improvement. Whatever we do we always wish to do it better every day. As a mountain climber. This shoe will you advance your mountain climbing each and every day.
  • They last long due to the leather used.
  • Provides the required comfort when climbing.
  • When you put on the one that fits you well, get assured that you will never get disappointed while climbing as a result of unnecessary stretches.


  • Not suitable for first-time climbers. This shoes may discourage you from mountain climbing if it is your first time doing so.
  • They may disappoint you if you order the one you thought would fit you. There is a probability of finding it to be smaller. Thus consider the one that is slightly larger than your regular foot wares.

Final verdict

I will never hesitate to recommend Evolv Nikita Climbing Shoes for Women to the professional mountain climbers. This shoes will give you the best experience you deserve!
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La Sportiva Oxygym Shoe

Ladies, did you know that the best experience ever when climbing a mountain is putting on a very comfortable shoe? Not only comfortable but that type of shoes that will give you an additional support as you go up. That shoe that will ensure you have a firm grip as you go down the mountain.

The idea of climbing mountain using any other shoe is very risky and never try such a thing. For that matter, you got to choose the best mountain climbing shoes. Considering La Sportiva Oxygen Shoe is the best advice l can give you. Why?


  • Very strong shoes. Be assured of a long lasting service from the shoe.
  • The best option for those with sweaty feet and also very good for use in hot conditions.
  • Adjustable fitting from the patented hook and loop.
  • The fabric on the outer surface of the shoe does not attract dirt thus maintaining the shoe hygiene is not a big deal


  • The shoes keep one’s feet free from odor.
  • Provides the required comfort for mountain climbing.
  • Keeps foot very fresh due to breather fabric that provides air circulation.
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean.


  • Relatively expensive as compared to others in the market.
  • It is only available in two colors thus may limit buyers to some extent.

Final verdict

La Sportiva oxygen shoe is the recommended shoe suitable for use by both mountain climbing beginners and professionals. Looking forward to shop for your family mountain climbing shoes consider this type of shoes.
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