Best Lacrosse Cleats for 2019

Lacrosse is a sport which needs to be understood properly before you begin to enjoy it. It is played between two teams and the objective is to shoot the ball past the keeper while passing the ball around using special sticks. It’s a contact team sport and there is much physical contact between players. It is generally known as a rough sport. Much like in any other sport, there are many different aspects that need to be considered if you want to become a successful lacrosse player. First of all, you need to be born with significant talent and you need to discover it early in your life. After discovering your talent, it is necessary to improve it by constant training and hard work. No professional player can go a month without training and still stay at the level he was at.

best lacrosse cleatsAfter checking out other items on the list, you need to wear professional and high-quality equipment in order to improve your performance. Bad and faulty equipment can affect your performance negatively and it can even cause injury. Proper equipment might be more expensive but it’s a worthy investment if you want to hit it big. As is the case with most sports, footwear is probably the most important part of your equipment and we are going to provide a guide for buying the best lacrosse cleats.

Top Lacrosse Cleats Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse CleatNew Balance Men’s Freeze v1$$$5 stars
New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse CleatUnder Armour UA Highlight MC$$$4.5 star
New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse CleatUnder Armour UA Banshee Mid MC$4.5 star
New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse CleatASICS GEL-Prevail Mid$$4.5 star
New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse CleatWarrior Men's 2nd Degree 3$$4 star

Low, Mid or High?

Choosing between low, mid or high top lacrosse shoes may probably be one of the toughest choices when shopping for shoes. This dilemma occurs in many sports and there is always high-quality advice for either type. Essentially, it is a tough battle between ankle support and flexibility on the field.

Low cut lacrosse cleats are a great choice for fast and agile players who are known to make quick turns on the court. Since there is no obstruction coming from the shoe and you can move without restriction. Mid cut shoes are probably the most popular ones and a lot of professional players settle with this choice. There is a normal amount of ankle support which does not restrain your movement greatly, while also helping you make quick and precise turns. Speed and agility is a major aspect of lacrosse and it should be given much more attention than high cut shoes give it. Additionally, mid shoes are usually not as big and bulky as high top shoes which can sometimes slow you down. High cut shoes offer great ankle support for players who often undergo ankle injury. They are very injury-friendly, but they sort of restrain your movement and make you less agile.

lacrosse cleats

Material Used

When it comes to other sports, there is always a battle between real leather and other synthetic materials. Some materials offer different features and characteristics which make it better for a certain sport. When talking about lacrosse, that battle has been finished a long time ago and it can be stated for sure that synthetic materials have won this round. Real leather is heavy on the feet and it can become too much for players looking to get their speed on. Synthetic materials are used instead and there are many reasons for that. It is important to state that most lacrosse cleats are made from synthetic materials and you will probably have a hard time finding leather cleats for lacrosse.

That is because synthetic materials can be engineered better than leather to provide better motion and movement control for the player. Other than that, synthetic shoes are designed to be lightweight and breathable. That way you feet will feel less sore after a match and they will heel faster since there is a constant circulation of air present while you are playing. Synthetic materials can be reinforced in certain areas that undergo a lot of damage during the match. These areas are the ankle, mid-foot, forefoot and the toe area.

Shoe Type

It’s very important to state that lacrosse cleats cannot simply be replaced by any other outdoor sport shoe. They might look similar to softball and soccer cleats but they have distinct functionality and you should keep that on your mind at all times. Not even all lacrosse shoes can be used regardless of other circumstances. Lacrosse cleats are designed by the surface you’re going to play on. For example, shoes designed for turf feature raised patterns at the bottom part of the shoe, instead of studs.

It all depends of the type of turf. Most lacrosse stadiums feature natural grass of turf. If that is the case with your stadium, you best bet is to buy molded TPU spikes since they provide the best traction for this field. However, there is always a chance that the field you play lacrosse on features artificial grass turf. If that is the case, you should opt for artificial turf cleats, which arrive with short, rubber studs which offer better traction.


When it comes to length, most manufacturers use the same sizing for their lacrosse shoes as they do for their other footwear. This means you can settle with your regular tennis shoe size most of the time. However, you will need to find a different balance of tightness in order to have better performance. A tighter fit might feel better for you since you don’t want your foot to wander around as that can lead to damage.

Additionally, lacrosse cleats generally break in pretty fast and they will feel much looser after a while and be sure to consider that fact. Don’t opt for a fit that is too tight as you might never break them in and you will never feel comfortable. Your toe should not touch the upper part of your shoe but it also shouldn’t be too far away. The best option is for it to be around ¼ inches. If you try on your shoes and they touch the top part while you are standing still, that means they are too small for you.

5 Best Lacrosse Cleats

New Balance Men’s Freeze v1

These lacrosse cleats are made out of synthetic materials, just like every other lacrosse shoe, while also implementing textile materials in its design. The entire shoe is molded by TPU from the outside, which adds to its exquisite design and unmatched elegance. Quixrail technology is used to deliver great traction with lugs designed to match the cuts performed by lacrosse players. Manufacturers claim that the cleat offers great balance between flexibility, traction and stability. Shoes themselves weigh around 9.9 oz which is pretty lightweight and great for lacrosse cleats.


  • These cleats are lightweight and that is one of the most important aspects for lacrosse players who want to move as fast as possible around the court without feeling distracted by their footwear.
  • New Balance was very considerate of their customers with wide feet since there are special width options available for them.
  • Stability is achieved completely and customers have reported to be able to make superior cuts.


  • These cleats are a bit more expensive than the competition. You would need to cash out some extra money if you want to enjoy them.
  • They might feel uncomfortable until you break them in.
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Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC

Under Armour has always been on top of the game in many different sports. They are considered to be one of the best and they have proven that statement with this superb model. There are some very creative designs and color styles for this particular model. They range from entire black to black and red with white patterns. Materials used are synthetic and the cleat itself is high-top, providing great ankle support with UA ClutchFit. There are many different Under Armour technologies used for this pair of cleats and they all contribute to its superb performance.


  • Lightweight materials mold to your feet and provide support for your joints and muscles. This also opts for better ball feel and a better fit.
  • 4D Foam footbed conforms to your feet and its function is to reduce slippage while reducing cleat pressure.
  • They offer great help for players who struggle with injuries on a regular basis.


  • They are on the expensive side and buying those can really be a tough choice to make.
  • The sizing is very off since these shoes run at least half size smaller.
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Under Armour Men’s UA Banshee Mid MC – Best Budget Lacrosse Shoes

Another awesome pair of lacrosse cleats comes from Under Armour. However, there are no colorful styles to choose from and you will have to settle with white color dominating, along with red details. Other models contain only white and metallic white. Synthetic leather and mesh are dominating, offering increased breathability and durability. 4D Foam footbed molds to your feet and provides extra comfort. Studs are conical and they are shaped to provide maximum acceleration and great agility while making quick cuts. These cleats weigh a total of 11.45 oz.


  • Studs are shaped just the right way to amplify your on-court performance in every way possible.
  • TPU outsole features a bladed heel which offers extra stability.
  • Mid-top cleats offer a great balance of ankle support and on-court agility and freedom of movement. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on some aspect of your game.
  • These lacrosse shoes are very affordable and you will get what you paid for.


  • The design is not so creative and you don’t have many options to choose from.
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ASICS Men’s GEL-Prevail Mid

Asics is one of the powerhouses when it comes to producing any type of sports equipment and lacrosse is no exception. Synthetic and mesh materials come together to form this cool model of lacrosse cleats. There are two options to choose from: dominant black with white patterns and dominant white with black patterns. The end product looks very cool and it will look good no matter what else you wear. Toe protection is implemented via Pguard. This also improves the shoe’s durability. Everything is padded and it serves the purpose of keeping your feet in place while moving at high speeds.


  • Solyte midsole is able to absorb damage without making the cleats extra heavy.
  • The price is very affordable and these shoes are recommended for beginners trying to get used to the professional level of lacrosse.
  • Excellent traction is guaranteed on various surfaces, ranging from natural grass to artificial turf.
  • Synthetic and mesh materials used opt for breathability which will make your feet feel better after training.


  • These shoes are reported to run large and you might want to order smaller sizes.
  • They can feel narrow before breaking them in after a couple of playing sessions.
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Warrior Men’s 2nd Degree 3 Lacrosse Shoe

These cleats are manufactured by a not so famous sports equipment manufacturer called Warrior. They are synthetic along with a synthetic sole which differs from the usual rubber choice. The TPU is elevated in the lateral and medial sections of the heel. Those parts are actually the most important ones if you want to achieve extra stability and traction. These is a special technology called VaporTek which is used to keep your feet from sweating too much and becoming tired.


  • Durability is not an issue with these lacrosse cleats since synthetic upper is double reinforced. That also provides a unique, charming design.
  • They belong to the affordable side of lacrosse cleats and they are not generally expensive for a broader audience.
  • The design is very beautiful and you can choose between blue, black and silver lining to fit with your white cleats.


  • Some customers have reported the soles to be peeling off after wearing them only a couple of times.
  • They can sometimes feel too sturdy and hard to break in.
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