Top 6 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Men and Women In 2019

Like a dancer is to his dancing shoes, a soccer player can never enter the field without the right soccer shoes.

Believe it or not, a player is as good as his shoes because you may be an excellent and skilful athlete, but using the wrong shoes, you may not be able to execute your best game.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

That is why it is important to choose the best indoor soccer shoes for each game that you play.

Top Indoor Soccer Shoes List

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
Adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer ShoesAdidas Messi 15.3$$4.5 star
Diadora Men's Capitano LT Indoor Soccer ShoesDiadora Capitano LT$$4.5 star
Adidas Performance Men's Mundial Goal Soccer ShoesAdidas Mundial Goal$$$4.5 star
Nike Men's Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer ShoesNike Mercurial Victory V IC$$$4.5 star
Puma Men's Invicto Sala Soccer ShoesPuma Invicto Sala$$4.5 star
Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Indoor Classic ShoesAdidas Samba Classic$$4.5 star

6 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2019

Adidas Messi 15.3

These adidas shoes carry the name of one of the most popular soccer players of all time. They have many different color styles to choose from and you won’t have a problem matching them with any part of your equipment.

The shoes are almost entirely made from synthetic materials which make them lightweight and easy to wear. The sole is rubber and good traction is ensured. messiTouch X-ray upper features molded mid-foot and heel piece which provides a stable stand.


  • These shoes are beautiful enough to be worn as casual shoes and customers have reported wearing them during the day.
  • The insole offers comfortable foam which ensures your feet won’t feel sore after a soccer session.
  • They feel and look durable and durability is perhaps the most important characteristic to check when buying indoor soccer shoes.


  • They are very narrow and people with wide feet are better off without these shoes as they might feel uncomfortable.
  • Sizing is very off and some people claim they even had to order a full-size up in order for them to fit perfectly. However, a half size up is probably what you are looking for.

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Diadora Capitano LT

Diadora is really a force to be reckoned with when it comes to different types of soccer. They have certainly left a mark with these shoes as well. Capitano is 51% leather and 49% synthetic materials.

This balance is really cool since it keeps the shoe at the best ratio of speed and durability. Foam insole is ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA. They are also very thick which means a lot if you want to make your shot as powerful as possible.


  • Very strong and durable. Buying a pair of Diadora Capitano can prove to be the best investment you can make for your indoor soccer career.
  • They run wider than Nike and Adidas shoes and they are perfect for people who find these brands too narrow. The leather can stretch over time and provide extra comfort.
  • They offer a beautiful black and white design which can match any part of your equipment.


  • Sizing is reported to be a bit large for some people whereas others find it perfect.
  • They can feel a bit tight in the toe box before breaking in properly.

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Adidas Mundial Goal

This classic style by Adidas is made of leather and is softly-lined. It has a synthetic sole with a synthetic lining that is ideal for comfort. The Adidas Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes is made with a split-suede upper and a die-cut EVA midsole which aims to provide lightweight cushioning.

This is one of the products whose main feature is to provide the utmost comfort with a lightweight feel. It is made with a no-chafe heel counter and a wedge sole with molded studs that are able to dig in to stubbornly hard surfaces. It also has a traxion outsole designed for maximum grip.


  • The Adidas Mundial is suited for both indoor and outdoor soccer games
  • It is nicely designed with a fine leather design
  • It fits perfectly to your foot size, unlike other products wherein you have to buy a size smaller or bigger than your actual size


  • Like other products by Adidas, the Mundial Goal only has a one month warranty
  • Although it can also be used for outdoor soccer but this product is not suitable for extremely hard terrain
  • It fits perfectly in terms of length, but it can be a bit uncomfortable for those who have wider feet

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Nike Mercurial Victory V IC

Nike Mercurial Victory V offers a variety of bright colors to choose from, such as orange, pink, yellow, green, white, etc. If you are looking for your indoor soccer shoes to match your bright jersey, you’ve come to the right place.

However, if you want your shoes to look serious, you probably won’t be satisfied with these Mercurials. The midsole features a contoured sock liner with textiles top cloth which offers almost unnoticeable cushioning and extreme comfort. Non-marking rubber outsole offers great traction on indoor courts.


  • Easy to match them with your other equipment and the design is quite catchy and provoking. You will certainly be noticed.
  • Comfort is guaranteed since this type of cushioning is almost exclusively reserved for Nike Mercurial indoor soccer shoes.
  • They are synthetic and easy to wear. You will often experience times when you won’t even notice you have them on your feet.


  • Some customers have reported that color starts to peel of very fast, even after a couple of wears.
  • Their price is really high and a lot people are simply not able to afford that kind of money on soccer shoes.

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Puma Invicto Sala

Who would expect Puma to make such colorful shoes such as Invicto Sala? There are many color styles to choose from and each one of them offers something new to the mix. Materials used include real leather and various textiles, with a rubber midsole and outsole.

The toe area is reinforced by rubber in order to absorb impact to that specific area, which is actually the most sensitive part of your feet. The sockliner is removable and lightweight and Puma prepared it well to keep your feet well cushioned and comfortable.


  • Their sizing runs true to size and there is no need to order larger or smaller shoes in order to get the best fit. Just order the regular size of your tennis shoes.
  • They seem extra wide, wider than their competition; and both people with regular and wide feet will benefit from this since they are more comfortable when wider.
  • Very durable and strong, with added toe protection.
  • The price is really reasonable and


  • There is little or no arch support.
  • The laces seem oddly short and you might even consider replacing them as soon as you have the chance.

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Adidas Samba

The Adidas Classic Samba is made of leather and is designed with a rubber sole. Its upper portion is covered with full grain leather and its insole is made with die-cut EVA material which allows for a lightweight comfort. The Adidas Classic samba is also designed with an outsole made of gum rubber which allows for an excellent grip on any indoor surface.

The design of the Classic Samba retains the classic 3-stripe trademark of Adidas and is available in the colors’ white and black. It features a sleek suede upper that is contrasted with suede overlays and is originally made for frozen pitches.

One of the main features that makes it the customers’ favourite is because of the classic design that it never goes out of style. With its soft leather and gum rubber outsole, it gives professional players a comfortable fit and excellent control.


  • The classic design makes it suitable for casual wear
  • These shoes can also be used for long walks
  • The shoes last a long time before wearing out


  • The Classic Sambas take a little time to break in before they seem comfortable to wear
  • The leather part of the shoes peels off when it starts to wear out
  • The quality of this design from Adidas has changed; it easily wears out as opposed to the ones produced a few years ago.

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Bottom line: Choosing for the wide variety of indoor soccer shoes available in the market can be a tough decision, especially since there is a lot to choose from! However, you should stick to picking whatever product suits your preference the most. There are also a few considerations that you have to consider in choosing the best indoor soccer shoes for men and women.

Breaking Down Your Choices: What to Consider in Buying?

From durability, to precision and comfort, there are a lot of factors that you should consider in choosing the best indoor soccer shoes that suits your liking. Below are a few factors that you can consider when taking your pick:

Figure out Your Playing Style for Indoor Soccer

As in other team sports, soccer games require each member of a team to focus on a task. Whether you are assigned to be a goal keeper or one of the defensive players, your task will also be one of the determining factors of what shoes are appropriate for you.

There are certain players that stick to only one position, while there are others that go about the field and this is when you need the utmost flexibility possible.

Aside from that, there are also others that can be assigned to more than one role. So if you are one of them then you require soccer shoes that can be lightweight yet good for precision at the same time. Below are a few tips in choosing the best indoor soccer shoes for your position:

  • Defensive player: You would want to choose soccer shoes that offer more protection and one that will allow for a clean pass on the ball.
  • Goalkeepers: You will need shoes that offer more traction. Aside from that, you can choose something that is lightweight as you will need to move quickly in guarding your post.
  • Wingers: Lightweight soccer cleats are your best pick if you are playing for this position as you will need to move fast and change direction as quickly as possible
  • Midfielders: You need soccer shoes that aid in being able to run up and down the pitch comfortably. You should also pick soccer shoes that offer excellent control.
  • Forwards: For this position, you should choose something that is lightweight as it will help you in executing speedy movement.

indoor soccer player

Choose the Material of the Upper Part of the Shoes Wisely

Professional soccer players seem to always be meticulous in choosing the material for the upper part of their soccer cleats. This is because the material of the upper is not only chosen for design purposes, but it also results in an overall varied comfort level and feels that the soccer cleats give.

In observing different brands, it can be seen that some brands stick to usually one material for the upper, while others vary the material depending on the design of the product. Below is a rundown of the usual materials that companies use for soccer cleats:

  • Kangaroo Leather: Kangaroo leather is one of the oldest and most used materials for the upper of soccer cleats. Kangaroo leather is your ideal material if you are looking for soccer shoes that perfectly fit your feet while providing excellent quality in terms of durability.
  • Synthetic Leather: Top brands like Nike and Adidas commonly use synthetic leather as material for the upper of most soccer shoes that they sell today. Synthetic leather offers great quality in terms of being waterproof.
  • Synthetic: One of the most commonly used material for most soccer shoes that are now being produced, synthetic material for the upper of soccer shoes offer a thinner feel which then offers players a slightly larger fit. This means that you won’t have a hard time in breaking into your soccer shoes. Aside from that, synthetic does not easily stretch even for long periods of use.
  • Natural Leather: For companies that sell soccer shoes with a natural leather upper, calf skin still seems to be the most commonly used material. Nothing still compares to the satisfaction of being able to use soccer shoes that are made of natural leather.
  • Knit: Recently, brands like Adidas and Nike started to use Knit in their products. Knit provides a new type of feel of the soccer ball.
  • Mesh: This is one of the revolutionary materials that is being incorporated in making soccer shoes. Mesh is usually used in the production of running shoes because of its thin and lightweight material. The only downside of this is that it allows moisture to fill in, leaving your feet to feel wet.

Your Shoe Size Doesn’t Always fit Your Actual Size

For some brands and some styles of soccer shoes, your actual size doesn’t always have a perfect fit with the product size. This is true especially for slimmer fit designed soccer shoes wherein you have to buy a size that is slightly bigger than your actual size.

There are also some cases where those who have wider feet have to buy shoe sizes that are bigger than their own. The same goes for those who have slimmer feet; you should buy sizes slightly smaller than your own.

Whatever the case, the key to solve these problems is to buy soccer shoes in person, rather than buying them online, especially if you haven’t personally seen them yet. It is important to be able to assure that your shoes have a perfect fit and a nice feel.

Give due Value to the Cost of Your Indoor Soccer Shoes

This is the factor that most of us consider when buying any product. When weighing on whether to buy a certain product or not, you should always dwell on whether the cost is actually worth the quality that you are paying for. This is extremely important since investing in a pair of soccer shoes is a large feat.

Final Verdict: It Still all Boils Down to Your Choice

Whether it is the quality or the cost, your final pick is still determined by your own preference. With all the factors that you can consider in choosing the best indoor soccer shoes, you simply have to choose which one suits your preference the most.

Whatever your options maybe, just don’t pick one because of its aesthetic value because beauty won’t win you that soccer game, right?

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