The Best Crossfit Shoes for Men and Women In 2019

Crossfit is a wonderful thing. It is a new and novel workout that is strenuous as it is intense. It is based on extreme movements that push the human body to its limit and it is only natural that we look for the right footwear fit for such an intense activity!

Best Crossfit Shoes

Now where do we even begin looking for the right pair of shoes to do Crossfit in for 2019? Since there are a staggering variety of workout shoes available in the market, it would be difficult to find the right one that won’t break before your body does. Thankfully, we have put together this review of the current top Crossfit footwear for 2019.

Crossfit Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability

Best Crossfit Shoes for Men

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-trainer ShoeReebok Men's Crossfit Nano 6.0$$$5 stars
New Balance Mens MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training ShoeNew Balance Men's MX20BS4$$5 stars
Reebok Crossfit Nano 4Reebok Crossfit Nano 4$$5 stars
New Balance Minimus 20v5New Balance Minimus 20v5$$4.5 star
ASICS Mens Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training ShoeASICS Men's Gel-Fortius TR$$4.5 star
Adidas Performance Mens Powerlift.3Adidas Powerlift.3 Cross-Trainer$$$4.5 star
Inov-8 Mens FastLift 370 BOA Cross-Training ShoeInov-8 FastLift 370$$$4.5 star

Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Nike Women's Air Zoom Vomero 10 Nike Women's Air Zoom Vomero 10$$$5 stars
Brooks Women's Glycerin 14Brooks Women's Glycerin 14$$$4.5 star

This should help you out to get started in the right direction to look for that capable pair that would be both comfortable and be able to provide adequate protection when you are performing Crossfit’s extreme activities.

Most Crossfit workouts that involve lifting use weights that come close to your own bodyweight. This means that the sole of your shoes need to support twice your body weight. If the shoes that you chose are not appropriate, it may cause some problems. The correct Crossfit shoes can improve your posture and prevent back problems when doing lifting activities.

Incorporating their proprietary technologies in their latest footwear line, each shoe would be engineered with light and comfortable designs that compliment your exercise regimen. They are all made in providing you with stress-free workout in mind.

A word of warning though, most running shoes are out of the question as they are designed specifically for lighter impacts and it is mainly intended to provide comfort for extended periods of running. But Crossfit isn’t just about running; it involves high impact and extreme movements that would tear any ordinary pair of work-out shoes from under you!

The right Crossfit shoes that you would need should withstand the wear and tear that may result from the activities that the sport demands. Crossfit after all is an interdisciplinary workout involving weight movements, gymnastics, and running. We take a look at the best Crossfit shoes for 2019 that we feel that would suit your needs.

That being said, let us take a look at the 10 best, and I mean THE BEST Crossfit shoes for 2019. In no particular order:

CrossFit Shoes Buying Guide

When it comes to purchase CrossFit Shoes, this isn’t an easy choice by any means. Apart from the wide range of products which are available in the footwear marketplace, the fact that CrossFit involves so many exercises makes it an extremely tricky task. In addition, depending on your local gym which might prefer one exercise as compared to the rest, one has to keep this thing in mind before making this purchase.

So if you’re out there searching for the best CrossFit Shoes, it is recommended to make your decision on the basis of following parameters.


The difference between the heel’s height and the forefoot’s height of a CrossFit shoe is known as its drop. This is one of the most important parameters in this category, which eventually depends on the type of exercise you’re going to do and your feet physical condition.

Starting with running shoes – where users normally look for enhanced support –such type of footwear normally incorporates a higher drop (of around 8mm).

However, if you’re a weightlifter, you might not want to have such a higher drop value in your ideal footwear. This is due to the reason that when weightlifting demands a firm contact with the underneath surface, one has to spend a considerable amount of time on his/her heels instead of the balls of their feet.

So, when CrossFit incorporates a suitable fusion of both, running as well as weightlifting, CrossFitters should go for such type of footwear which comes with a medium drop.

crossfit shoes

The majority of CrossFit shoes, which one could purchase from today’s market, comes with a drop of 4mm. Such sort of construction makes them a versatile footwear as it promotes much more natural position of your feet. And when there is no significant difference between your heel and forefoot region, it eventually distributes the weight much more evenly across your foot. As a result, users don’t have to suffer from foot ache at the end of the day.

Furthermore, if you’ve suffered some sort of foot injuries in the past, you should go for a higher heel lift to alleviate stress from the injured parts of your foot. For all such users, it is recommended that they should start with a 6mm drop CrossFit shoe and as their foot condition improves, they should slowly make their way to lesser drop.

Lastly, if you’re not sure about the type of exercise which you’re going to do on a frequent basis in CrossFit, you can purchase a pair of shoes, each with different drop. In this way, you can find which drop value is comfortable to your feet and can then stick to it for the future purchases.


The level of support which you want in your ideal CrossFit shoe depends on the type of exercises which you’re going to do. When super supportive shoes might help you during plyometric exercises, you cannot use a lightweight running shoe – which is designed by keeping in mind the comfort level of its user – for heavy lifting.

So when looking for the CrossFit shoes, go for the one which comes with a decent amount of support. This will eventually help you during heavy lifts and keep your feet in place even for the most rigorous of training sessions.


Even if you think so, not all the CrossFit related workouts are conducted in an Indoor Arena. When you might have to go outside for a 400m run, some gyms put huge emphasis on outdoor training sessions. As a result, the climate in which you’re going to exercise should play a key role in the selection of your ideal Cross Fit shoes.

So, does the area in which you live get frequent rain? Or does you have to face snow storms on a consistent basis? If yes, than you might want to purchase such a pair of CrossFit shoes which come with loads of traction. In addition, the ideal footwear for dealing with such type of climate should incorporate waterproof material of construction.

As per other users who’ve to live in a hot environment, they should go for lightweight shoes with breathable materials of construction. This will protect their feet from getting wet and becoming a victim of the bacterial activities.


When it comes to CrossFit, players have to be well-prepared for known as well as the unknown. It includes, but isn’t restricted, to climbing a rope, heavy weight-lifting, and long-train runs or even a max lift. When many of the CrossFit exercises might end up wreaking havoc on your feet, your shoes should be well-prepared for the sake of your feet protection.

Firstly, CrossFit shoes should incorporate a sturdy outer material, such as Kevlar. They should also have a suitable traction on their top, in addition to that on their bottom. Such kind of construction comes handy when you’re climbing a rope as it will provide you with some much-needed grip.

Furthermore, it is imperative for a CrossFit footwear to incorporate a decent protection on its forefoot region. Many manufacturers opt for a rubber cage for this purpose which will protect your toes in case of getting caught while doing a double under.


A regular passage of air is a key for a high-performing CrossFit footwear. Not only it will wick away the unwanted moisture but at the same time, it will also protect your feet from any kind of slippage. A highly breathable will help your feet stay comfortable and you won’t have to suffer from the unwanted foot odor.


The major purpose behind the CrossFit workouts is to make sure that a player will never get stuck in a difficult situation. That is exactly the reason why you have to do so many workouts in a single CrossFit session, such as climbing a rope one minute and going for a trail run the next. So regardless of the exercises which you’re going to do in this particular activity, keep this thing in mind that both you and your footwear will get an extensive workout.

There aren’t much worse scenarios which a shoe has to encounter as compared to that when you use it for climbing up and down on the ropes. Thanks to the friction which is produced from the ropes, it will have a devastating effect on the soles of your shoes.

Training stuff at the crossfit gymWhile purchasing a new CrossFit shoe, have a look at how the shoe’s sole connects with its upper. If there is some added protection in this particular region, this might be the perfect product for your CrossFit endeavors. However, if all the shoe has to offer, in terms of protection, is just a soft foam, you might want to look at the next product.


The exposed part of a footwear which connects with the underneath surface, the outsole of the CrossFit shoes are usually made from a fusion of blown rubber + carbon rubber. When the former enhances the flexibility of this product, the latter imparts much-needed durability.

When looking at the outsole of a CrossFit shoe, one should look for a number of features. First of all, when you’re going to wear this product on a number of occasions, it should come with a water-resistant construction. Furthermore, it should have good tread – for better grip – along with flex grooves for making it a flexible footwear.

Toe Box

This particular feature is important for all such customers which have wider than average feet. Because if the toe box isn’t wide enough as compared to your feet dimensions, it might end up inflicting serious pain on your toe as well as toe nails. So if you’re one of those players, make sure that your preferred footwear comes with a wider toe box.


Even though you should not base your decision on this particular feature alone, there is no denying the fact that nobody wants to play in a less-stylish pair of shoes. Nowadays, the CrossFit shoes are available in a wide range of colors. So depending on your personal fashion-sense, you can choose any one of them.

Types of Cross Fit Shoes

You can purchase 1 all-rounder shoe for all the CrossFit exercises. But if you want to make inroads in the CrossFit professional scene, it might be beneficial to purchase more than 1 pair of shoes. So depending on the training exercises which are involved in CrossFit, there are 4 types of shoes which can be purchased from today’s market.

Classic CrossFit Shoes: For the beginners, who’re still learning the traits of CrossFit, it is better to start with the Classic CrossFit shoes. Apart from wearing them for this particular activity, you can use them in your gym as well as regular sporting activities.

Minimal CrossFit Shoes: As evident from their name, the minimal CrossFit shoes incorporate low outsoles along with even lesser mid-sole cushioning. The basic purpose of such kind of shoes is to give you a barefoot feel which might be ideal for athletes involved in short running exercises.

Running CrossFit Shoes: When it comes to the running fit, they are designed while keeping in mind the comfort ability of its wearer. With loads of mid-sole cushioning, the running CrossFit shoes eventually reduces the stress before it reaches your feet. However, they’re not recommended for heavy-weight lifting.

Lifting CrossFit Shoes: When weight-lifting is such a demanding exercise, the shoes which are designed for this activity incorporate superior protection and added stability. Most of the Olympic lifting Cross Fit Shoes are flat-heeled which makes them viable for heavy weight-lifting.

7 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0

The Crossfit Nano 6.0 is arguably the best Crossfit athletic shoes in the market today. Reebok is continually improving on its designs, and with the 6.0 update, this series has managed to stay ahead of the curve. They have re-engineered the shoes’ anatomical design that it feels like its custom fit for any user.

The upper part is light with a wide toe box to provide that extra comfort for hours extended of workout. Reebok has even integrated Kevlar to its design that which makes it strong and durable. It provides great stability for box and broad jumps.

It also gives better support for the foot bed, with just enough stiffness to give you confidence with lifts, and the rope climb pad.

Comparing it with other shoes in the category, it is hard to find a better one. The performance on the Nano 6.0 has got many Crossfit enthusiasts raving about it. A mix of CrossFit practitioners, fitness buffs and general sneaker collectors found the shoe to be comfortable and very wearable, these are good points that are probably due to the combination of a bigger, more cushioned tongue and a deep heel seat.


  • Minimal shock when jumping off high surfaces
  • Anatomical design with wide toe box that provides comfort in extended workouts
  • Arguably the best shoe in the Crossfit category


  • Not as suitable for long distance run as these are not running shoes. It’s designed with Crossfit specifically in mind.

Buying Considerations

A shoe designed for Crossfit and excels at it, what is not to like? Since we have already established that the Reebok Crossfit Nano 6 is the best shoe in its category and if you are in the market for new Crossfit shoes, there is no reason not to get a pair of these.

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New Balance MX20BS4

New Balance’s design philosophy is that “don’t design products to fit an image. They design them to fit”. Now because of this sensibility, they have been coming up with light and durable shoes that perform well and are sturdy in high stress activities.

The price is just about right and would entice people who are just getting into Crossfit.

The MX20BS4 is very light and comfortable enough to wear for weight lifting. It can give good support during bench presses, squats, and dead lifting. The upper mesh is breathable and your feet will rarely get hot during hours and hours of training.

One thing to be aware of is that this it’s not a traditional running shoe and may cause discomfort from extended periods of running. But for more short impact activities, the shoes will work out great.

The New Balance Men’s MX20BS also named as the Minimus, for its minimalistic design philosophy, is very lightweight and good for weight training and basically whatever you want to do inside the gym! It just feels good on the heel, fits snugly in the mid-foot, it also provides a good roomy toe box. The soles are made by Vibram, the same company that gave us the FiveFingers.


  • Extremely light
  • reinforced open mesh that do not get hot
  • Vibram soles provide good traction


  • Not a lot of cushion on the soles
  • shoes will be rough on the ankle if used for extended periods of running

Buying Considerations

It’s a good shoe is when you use it for what it is meant for which is low impact activities and short runs. Make sure that you are acquiring it for the purpose that it is designed for to avoid any disappointment.

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Reebok Crossfit Nano 4

Introduced in 2014 at the Reebok CrossFit Games, this was a big update on the Nano line of shoes. With its new look and added features, people knew that they were in for something special. Although more than 2 years old, the Nano 4 remains one of the top choices for Crossfit training up until now.

The Reebok Nano 4 performs well for interval, circuit, and crossfit workouts and provides lateral stability and ease. Its design incorporates a wider toe box to ensure comfort for extended periods of working out but does not compromise your base’s stability.The wrapped end-to-end and abrasion resistant cage is to make the shoes more durable.

The wrapped end-to-end and abrasion resistant cage is to make the shoes more durable. It also provides better traction and prevents flaking apart.

These shoes are built like tanks and are incredibly versatile. There are other shoes that are better for running and lifting but the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4 beats out the competition for sheer diversity in utility.


  • Very sturdy construction
  • Versatile shoes that perform well in many Crossfit work out activities
  • the first big update to the Nano line that introduced technologies that are specific for Crossfit workouts


  • This model is almost 3 years old. There are more modern updates to the Nano line at probably the same price point.

Buying considerations

In itself, the Nano4 is a great pair of shoes. It was a huge update to the Nano Line back in 2014. Being a 3 year old model, it still holds up to the test of time. However, the Nano series has a very good update with the Nano 6.

There would be no reason in taking this over that one unless you are into collecting classics and would like to experience and own an innovative shoe for its time.

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New Balance Minimus 20v5 Trainer

The New Balance MX20V5 trainer has a minimalist design. It is meant to give the user a barefoot feel and offer protection and stability for safe training. It has a durable construction and is made to last through a lot of force and friction that comes with Crossfit training.

This is a light weight model with a very flexible upper. It’s good for running, jumping, and interval type of Crossfit workouts. Its soles are made of Vibram, the same company that gave us the Fivefingers.

These high performance rubber soles can be used for climbing and provides best surface contact and 360 degree traction.

What differentiates this from Reebok’s and other cross trainer shoes is that it has solid, one-ubit design where the upper part has no sewn materials meaning it is a single construction only. This gives added durability to the structure of the shoe. This will also give you a peace of mind that your shoes will not fall apart when you are so focused on your training.

It is also advertised as odor-resistant. This is an often overlooked but wanted feature in training or Crossfit shoes for obvious reasons. Should this be effective in the New Balance Mimimus 20V5 Trainer, and then is a great way to finally do away with that sweaty stink that most of us experience with our shoes after work out.


  • Durable construction
  • Light weight and flexible upper due to its solid one unit upper design
  • Odor resistant


  • Very low drop at 4mm gives it a barefoot feel but also makes it unsuitable for distance running.

Buying Consideration

This is a great alternative to the top Crossfit shoes in the market today. Getting consistently good reviews, it is probably part of the best 3 being mentioned along with Nanos and the Inov8’s. It also has a very competitive price point.

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortius TR

The Asics Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoes are especially designed for running, lifting, and rope climbing. These shoes are constructed with gel cushioning, mesh that provides even more support and also synthetic sole. The toecap is made of RhynoSkin so the shoe guarantees upper durability.

The gel cushioning offers shielding from shock absorption. This eases the impact in every heavy step taken.

The fit is great and the soles have a solid and secure grip on the floor. 360 degree movements are adequately supported due to the double stitched quarter platform that come with the shoes. It also provides optimal stability during intense workouts.

Overall, these shoes are great for extreme intensity of interval training aside from what it is advertised.


  • Colorful aesthetic design
  • RhynoSkin guarantees upper durability
  • Gel cushioning shields from shock.


  • Narrowness in the toe box that could cause discomfort

Buying considerations

Asics Men’s Gel-Fortius TR is a solid choice for Crossfit shoes. Nice aesthetics and has a great selection of color that are pleasing to the eyes. Performance-wise the shoe is just average, however, and would be outperformed by other Crossfit shoes in this category.

Averaging at $90, it gives good value for money and may also be a good entry point for those just getting into Crossfit.

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Adidas Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer

The Powerlift 3 is a quality product that provides good support for deadlifts and squats. These shoes are designed for various types of weightlifting regimen and offer a strong and secure platform for such activities. It has a wide toe box that gives the forefoot enough space for a solid base when lifting heavy loads.

The midsole are engineered with a high-density, die-cut wedge for increased stability. It also offers a breathable mesh collar that enhances comfort.

It has a fully synthetic upper part with perforations in the front for ventilation. It looks to have a good sturdy construction. The heels are at .6 inches that are good for benches and squats.

The shoe fits in securely with a Velcro strap and prevents unwanted shifting of the foot within the shoe. It also keeps the laces from being hindrances.


  • Sturdy synthetic upper construction
  • Gives a solid base when lifting
  • good for benches and squats
  • Velcro strap provides stability and secures foot in the shoe.


  • It is a weightlifting shoe rather than Crossfit specific shoes

Buying Considerations

Being weightlifting shoes, the Powerlift 3 provides great stability. There are better Crossfit shoes out there, but if your regimen involves a lot of lifting and squats, it may be worth taking a look at this.

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Inov-8 Men’s FastLift 370

Using the multi-directional Meta flex technology, the Inov8 is very flexible and comfortable plus it gives you good support for your feet especially in the heel and arc areas. They are made of durable synthetic materials that can withstand the most intense workout routines.

One thing that stands out is the lacing system referred to as the BOA. Usually found on snowboard boots, the tightening and “lacing” is done through dials on each side and the tongue of the shoe.

Performance-wise, the Inov-8 FastLift 370 BOA’s are good for both Crossfit and weightlifting. It is also light and flexible enough for running and box jumping. The BOA system creates the perfect tension and maximizes power transfers for heavy lifting and squats.

A big concern here is that should the lacing system break, it wouldn’t be an easy fix and would require time to repair.


  • Made of durable synthetic materials.
  • Unique lacing system that creates tension and power transfers during lifting and squats.
  • Very light.
  • Sneaker like comfort and fit.


  • Price is on the higher side
  • If the BOA system breaks, it’s not as simple as replacing a traditional lace

Buying Considerations

It’s great for weightlifting and a good match for Crossfit. Durability is a key consideration should you be interested in getting a pair of these. A big concern is the lacing system that, if it would break it would take time replacing them. The good thing is that it is covered by warranty.

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2 Best CrossFit Shoes for Women

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 10

These are running shoes that are packed with Nike’s most advanced technology. It is Nike’s premiere running shoes that come with the new Flymesh upper and combined with the Dynamic Flywire technology that gives breathability and comfort to your feet.

The Dual-Density Cushlon midsole have softer foam in the front and a firmer one in the heel.

These may be running shoes but because of the comfort and ease that it gives your feet for extended activities and long distance running, this may be used for Crossfit if your activities do not involve much jumping and high impact moves.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Breathability and ventilation is good
  • Good for extended runs


  • A running shoe and not specifically designed for impact moves and multi directional movement of some Crossfit activities.

Buying considerations

Although they are running shoes, they satisfy certain criteria that make it usable for Crossfit work-outs: Lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

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Brooks Women’s Glycerin 14

It is a premium running shoe that has the proprietary technology of the SuperdNA guaranteed to give you cushion no matter what kind of road you are on. It also has ideal pressure zones that disperse impact that makes sure you have a smooth run. It also fits snugly that makes your foot secure inside the shoe.

Another great feature of the shoe is 3D Fit Print overlays that are made of silicone ink that is printed right on the shoe that is so thin. It allows your foot to adapt inside the shoe and the shoe adapts to your foot shape.

The SuperDNA with the 25% additional cushion does not disappoint when running and giving the shoe a responsive quality when doing road runs.


  • Provides good cushioning
  • disperse impact
  • Feet are secure inside the shoes


  • Running shoes that may be unsuitable for impact moves as it may not provide as much of a steady base..

Buying Considerations

Brooks is all about comfort. It has a near pillowy cushioning and is very light-weight. It is good for running long distances and, because of this design, may work well with Crossfit.

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Choosing the right Crossfit shoes is a very difficult decision to make with different requirements and sets of features that we have to take into consideration it really is a tough choice. The stress and strain that your feet will encounter during your Crossfit sessions is something not to be taken lightly and should be prepared for. You must know specific tasks or movements that you are going to do because when you know it, more or less you will be able to choose the best type of shoes for this sport.

Just like other sports, your shoes will be your best buddy when playing or even during training that’s why we highly recommend knowing and feeling the design and the purpose of the shoes. In case you are someone who would just choose any shoes because it looks good, then keep in mind about the quality of the shoes that you are going to buy. This is all because when you do not get the right shoes for you, you are running the risk of discomfort at the least and injury at the worst if we do not have the proper gear for the proper activity.

You can see that we have included some running shoes in this category despite our initial warning that running shoes may be inappropriate for Crossfit. These were considered because they have struck a good balance between comfort and durability. They may not support certain movement in Crossfit but they do apply for certain workout regimen.

A Crossfit shoe should be sturdy enough to outlast the demands of the sport and at the same time provide enough comfort for the athletes to continue uninterrupted with their activities. It should provide continuous support of the different strenuous movement associated with this activity.

Always consider choosing Crossfit shoes that feel right for you it’s because the right one may seem subjective but several things come to mind: cost, performance, comfort, and durability. With these, we attempt to point you to the correct direction.

When you will not be able to choose the right shoes for you, it will definitely cause you problems, especially if the shoes are not up to the task. Even if you are using light weights, it makes sense to invest in CrossFit training shoes as they will improve your posture when you lift and keep you free from back problems. So I hope that you learned a lot from this post, and also keep in mind that your CrossFit shoes can definitely make or break your performance in sports.

Also, this video may also be useful in helping you arrives a decision to pick the right Crossfit shoes for you.

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