Best Budget Running Shoes for 2019

When it comes to running, it is a simple enough sport in many ways. Unlike other sporting events, which require a wide range of expensive accessories, all you need for a good run is a pair of the best running shoes.

However, even though you have to make a single purchase for this activity, it doesn’t mean that it is a straightforward acquisition by any means. Don’t believe us? Step foot in the footwear marketplace and you’ll be left amazed with the vast majority of options available over there.

best budget running shoes

Starting from size, price and another set of features, you have to choose from a plethora of brands, each one of whom terms their product as the best one. This problem manifolds multiple times especially if you’re on a low budget. Hence, a purchase which looks too easy at the start can turn out to be an intimidating task for almost any buyer.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide for the best affordable running shoes, which is based solely on facts and proper information, you’ve just landed at the right place.

Budget Running Shoes Rating

ImageModel NamePriceReviewAvailability
ASICS Gel-Venture 6ASICS Gel-Venture 6$$5 stars
Under Armour Micro G Assert 6Under Armour Micro G Assert 6$$5 stars
ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture4ASICS GEL-Venture 4$$5 stars
ASICS Gel-Kayano 23ASICS Gel-Kayano 23$$$5 stars
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17$$5 stars
Adidas Performance Men’s Galaxy Elite M Running ShoeAdidas Galaxy Elite M$$5 stars
Saucony Cohesion 8 Running ShoeSaucony Cohesion 8$$4.5 star
New Balance M1980V1 Fresh Foam Zante Running ShoeNew Balance Fresh Foam Zante V1$$4.5 star
Nike Downshifter 6 Running ShoeNike Downshifter 6$$$4.5 star
Mizuno Wave Sayonara Running ShoeMizuno Wave Sayonara$$$4.5 star
Salomon X-Tour Running ShoeSalomon X-Tour$$$4 star
Saucony Excursion TR8 Trail Running ShoeSaucony Excursion TR8 Trail$$$4 star

Top 12 Affordable Running Shoes

Best Budget Trail Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Venture 6

Running in the trails in no joke, you are in a terrain that would require shoes that can withstand any duress. ASICS has been at the forefront crafting shoes that has legions of fans all over the globe. The Venture 6 is from a series that has always built anticipation amongst the client base.

This shoe has come back with a lot of good new changes. The new synthetic material is perfect for hitting the trails. It is also extremely shock absorbent, with care taken to protect your muscles and ligaments from damage. In trails you may need to take bringer leaps and this shoe is apt for that. ASICS Venture series often has excellent fit and this one is no exception. The toe bumper protects the toes and gives the feet a superior over all protection. The shoe is built with toughness and the shoe is dependable and tested well in the toughest of trails. The shoe is built to withstand speed and it aims to give you the feeling of flying as you run. This is a good buy for any hardcore runner, since it will fit all your requirements to the tee.

  • Stellar shock absorbing properties
  • The toe bumper provides ample protection
  • The tough build and the superior fit continues on a good streak
  • It is quite heavy for trail running
  • It also has less responsiveness, and takes time for the runner to get acclimatize to it
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Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

Under Armour is back with yet another shoe that has runners all over rejoicing. They are known for their seamless design and a range of colours that is part of every fashionable athlete’s wardrobe. The Assert 6 is no exception with the buyers bustling vying to get their hands on this superior product. The build is chic and the shoes lightweight and easy to clean up. The shoes are made with keeping the needs of the runners in mind.

The Mirco G Assert 6 is made of mesh material that is extremely comfortable especially when worn for a long period of time. This fabric prevents over sweating of the feet and makes running over long distances an easy feat. The innovative EVA sockliners provide peerless fitting and the design is perfect for all types of roads and pathways. The new midsoles provide safe landing while giving you the kick you need to take a high lift off. Runners can get excellent performance out of these shoes, and they are dependable enough with many lasting for years. There are many shoes in the market but none like the Assert 6, it will fulfill all your needs.

  • The advanced material and fabric used provides wonderful fit
  • Strides more cool lift offs with a punch
  • The shoes are narrow and causes problems while running
  • The sizing differs from other brands
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ASICS GEL-Venture 4

The company owner began creating athletic shoes since 1949. He started making basketball shoes until he built his own company. They want to promote health and fitness because they believe that it is your way to a happy lifestyle.

It is visually striking because of its color schemes. The upper part of the shoe has a securely woven dark mesh. It makes the shoe durable and breathable even if you are running onto difficult surfaces.

The footwear is available in three colors, black, blue and red. It’s the one that can provide great comfort especially when you’re hiking. Its cushioning system allows you to experience a smooth transition.

The cushioning system is perfect for uneven terrains. This feature is a must to decrease possible injuries and for smooth running. It is also comfortable to wear.

The sock liner is removable for medical orthotic purposes. The durability of the shoe is undeniably amazing because of its High Abrasion Rubber. People who bought these budget running shoes loved how it worked for them.

The lightweight material of the shoes makes it easier for you to run. The comfort and the performance that it provides is just the same as expensive performance or running shoes. The support that it provides is extremely high and strong.

According to RunRepeat, the fourth version of this series can bring comfort. The affordable price is perfect for shoe enthusiasts and trail runners. The shoe’s cushioning system is being admired by people who bought and have been using it.

As for the cleaning of the shoe, you can use a small brush or a toothbrush to remove dirt or mud. Make sure to use a gentle anti-grease soap and warm water for cleaning it. To avoid damage while cleaning it, use light pressure.

You can’t dry the shoes by putting it in the dryer or letting it dry through direct sunlight. It will change the shape of the shoe. It is better to put newspaper inside the shoe and let the paper absorb the liquid instead.


  • Removable sock liner
  • High Abrasion Rubber improves the durability
  • Rear foot gel cushioning system for comfort

  • Some runners find the insole sharp and hard.
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Best Budget Road Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Kayano 23

ASICS is a global leader in apparel and they have set the benchmark for all the other brands. ASICS continue to be bold with their Kayano series, the shoes continue to hold up the quality while also adding new changes that has captured the buyer’s delight. The Kayano 23 has come in an opportune time when the market required a shoe that will withstand high stress but also deliver good results.

Right off the bat, the designs and colours are stylish and they have a good variety to choose from. This show is lightweight, with attention provided to maintain the shoes at an angle. This angled positioning ensures less stress on the foot and helps to maintain the natural position of the muscles. The material is extremely airy, so say goodbye to bad odour. Since running provides excess sweat in the feet and this is a major problem faced by runners. This shoe will put an end to that. There will most certainly be a bounce in your step with the advanced midsole which promises excellent care for your foot. As runners, this will be will be a good investment since the body and make of the shoe is splendid for running on various terrains. This shoe is good for you if you require extra care for your feet and you want a mix of both style and substance. You won’t go wrong investing in these pair.

  • Made for running
  • Extra comfort and support
  • New material in the midsole made of organic fibers
  • Many feel it could use some extra flexibility
  • The sizing is uncomfortable for those with wide toes
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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

As runners, it’s all too difficult to find good affordable shoes that last long as well provide comfort and stability. Brooks is one such company with enormous experience in helping athletes and hence the hopes for this model were high. Following the success of the Adrenaline GTS 16 model, read on to learn whether the GTS 17 could match up. Would it tick all the boxes that the runners looked for?

To start off the colours are bright and cheerful, and the shoes have a overall featherlight feel that is perfect for runners. Brooks is also on a mission to reduce their carbon foot print, hence ‘Biomogo DNA’ midsole is part of the shoe’s make up. It will also allow the shoes to biodegrade naturally when not in use. Another innovative feature is the ‘Progressive Diagonal Rollbar’, a midsole that provides superior comfort while taking longer gaits. It’s pricing is also perfect, since you do get major value for your money. The GTS 17 doesn’t have too many major difference in comparison to its predecessor. But the design is more streamlined and it is available in wider sizes. Your feet will thank you and you will feel the difference with the first wear. It is a good shoe to invest in, since you will see the results once you start using it.

  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Excellent for long distance running and marathons
  • Good for wide toes and provides excellent comfort for your feet
  • Colour options are limited
  • Difficult to lace up since the eyelets are too spaced apart
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Adidas Galaxy Elite M

Adidas has been on the top of the industry for a long time now. It is fitting for them to have a spot here on our list. They never fail to amaze us in every shoe that they create.

It is a real head turner especially if you want to work out while looking fashionable. It is available in three different colors including Solar Red, Core Black and Earth Green. You can wear it even if you are not going for a run and just want to sip a good coffee at café.

The lace-up closure of the shoe makes it easier to adjust. It is also an added protection when you are running because it will make you feel secure. It is made with fabric and synthetic leather.

The upper part is made with mesh which makes it breathable. Its breathable fabric will make you feel cooler even when you are working out. It is meant to give you comfort especially when you are running an extra mile.

It also has a three striped Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for ultimate support in lateral or linear motion. It will provide you a supportive fit and will help you with your transitions. You can also think of it as an added protection for possible injuries.

The ADIPRENE+ feature of the shoe is made for a longer durability. It will also provide cushion that will serve as a shock absorption which makes it even comfortable to wear. The cushion on the foot bed up until the heel is also an additiona shock absorption to lessen any impact.

It is lightweight and the integrated sock liner has a good flexibility. It will follow your natural movement which is an added comfort for you. It also has the Adidas performance logo on the back tongue.

It is considered as the third best running shoe for Heavy, a well-known website. People who bought the shoe have been leaving positive feedback about how the shoe worked for them. They said that it provides comfort and didn’t provide blisters because of its good fit.

It is a surprising product, consider the fact that it is available at an affordable price. Adidas has been creating shoes that are fit for training and performance. They did a great job for giving us this running shoe that provides comfort and protection.


  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for ultimate support
  • ADIPRENE+ midsole for shock absorption
  • Breathable mesh for added ventilation

  • Insole is flat and thin
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Saucony Cohesion 8

This is another running shoe that you can buy at an affordable price. Saucony is one of the respected companies when it comes to creating running and performance shoes. Their goal is to provide performance that fits your chosen activity.

The synthetic material and breathable mesh will provide optimum ventilation whenever you are doing an activity. The minimal neon lines of the shoe make it visible even in low lighting. It’s perfect for neutral running.

It has a removable insole and the injection-molded EVA foam (IMEVA) midsole acts as a shock absorption material. The heel grid system has a stable cushion. These features are an added protection and comfortability.

Though for people who usually experience an impact on their forefoot or mid foot, it wouldn’t do much. Since the grid technology of the shoe mostly focus on the heel of your foot. Although it is an ideal running shoes for people who people who experience impact on their heel.

The grid technology has an extra cushioning and stability. The design of the shoe has flexing points which makes it comfortable to wear. It’s a feature wherein it follows your natural movement without feeling sore.

According to some reviews, it has a good fit. A lot of people were satisfied with the cushion that the shoe provides. It won’t give you a painful feeling even if you are using it all throughout the day.

For Running Shoes Guru, it fits perfectly for people who just started running. It is an excellent training or running shoes at inexpensive price. They also stated that the shoe is unexpectedly attractive.

The Cohesion series of Saucony is a great success. Up until the first release of line, they have been receiving great reviews about how cheap and comfortable it was. They didn’t fail to provide such incredible shoe with their Cohesion 8.


  • Grid technology for added protection
  • Breathable mesh for extra ventilation
  • IMEVA midsole for shock absorption

  • Not appropriate for mid foot or forefoot runners
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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V1

The versatile, lightweight shoe fits perfectly as a training shoe. New balance goal is to provide comfort for athletes who want to achieve their goal. It is the reason why they create product to fit us and not just to look good with it.

This is the third edition for New Balance’s Fresh Foam series. It is meant to be softer and faster compared to the first two collections. It didn’t disappoint runners when they first tried to use it.

The insole is great and provides enough comfort when you are running or training. The padding on its heel is noticeable because you will feel the comfort around your heel. The shoe spring will also make you feel fast and look fast.

The front part of the shoe is made with a stretchy mesh. It will provide you more room whenever that you are moving, jumping or running. The forefoot is also wide which makes it easier to wiggle your toes if needed.

The shoe shape hugs your arch, though some people felt it to be tight. The shoe provides cushion for your forefoot and heel; although the forefoot’s cushion is more noticeable than the heel cushion.

Some people are having a hard time finding the right tension because of its forefoot cushion. You might feel it when you are just standing but it is not noticeable when you are using it to run. If you usually hit your heel harder, you will feel the softness of the heel up until the forefoot.

The Zante is a perfect running shoe for both forefoot and heel runners. The outsole of the shoe is made with rubber and it is the reason why it has a higher durability. The laces of the shoe will also stay tight when you are running.

People who bought the shoe said that it is perfect for long runs. It is lightweight and has a soft feeling in the inside which makes it comfortable when using it. It’s a shoe that has premium foot bed that can provide more energy for you.

When you are running with a pair of Zante, you will feel an almost barefoot-like running. The upper part is irritation-free and seamless which increases the relaxed feeling. The shoe can exceed your expectation with its affordable and comfort nature.

The Zante is a head turner because of its sleek and elegant design. The color of the shoe is available in various tones. You can either choose from a subtle or darker color.


  • Lightweight
  • Great cushion for a comfortable feeling
  • Available in various amount of colors

  • Forefoot tends to be narrow for some runners
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Nike Downshifter 6

Nike has been providing great performance shoes since they started in the industry. Downshifter provides comfort and quality. Good news is, you can get it an affordable price.

Its material is made for increased breathability and cushioning. It is perfect for runners who want a shoe that can be used in their daily trainings. Short distance is underrated for this shoe because it’s meant to give you enough energy to run an extra mile.

The purpose of the shoe is to provide a smooth and great transition. It has an open mesh that provides maximum ventilation for your foot. It is also made in synthetic leather which increases its breathability and durability.

A lot of people tend to look for a shoe that has a breathable feature. People tend to feel heat inside their shoes when they are running or training. This is the reason why Downshifter is perfect if you are looking for a good breathable shoe that provides enough air.

The open mesh also feels a tad stretchy. It allows you to move freely even if the shoe is hugging it. You won’t feel restricted whenever that you are moving because of this feature.

The pylon foam on the midsole provides cushion and a comfortable feeling. It is also an added flexibility for the shoe. People are happy how the shoe tends to more flexible whenever that they are running.

The underfoot cushioning was praised by a lot of users because it provides comfort. The molded insole provides enough support from the arch to the foot pad. The rubber outsole decreases traction and makes it a perfect performance or even a casual wear.

The Downshifter performs well on streets, gravel and tracks. It also performs smoothly on surfaces that are wet. Safety is ensured even if the road is wet or if it is raining.

It also comes in different colors. It varies from light to dark colors. You can wear it as your casual shoe wear and still look elegant with it.

You might want to watch the sizing of the shoe. Downshifter tends to be narrow for some people who have used it. It would be better if you know the perfect size for feet before buying a pair of shoes.

When it comes to the Downshifter 6, if the width of your feet is average, you might not worry too much about this. If you have a wider width, you might consider getting a larger size that can provide enough space for your foot. This is to decrease the chances of getting a blister after a long run.

Bottom line is that Downshifter is perfect for shoe enthusiasts and neutral runners. You will feel comfort and secured whenever that you are using it. The cushioning on the underfoot is also reliable.

We must give a thumbs-up to Nike for creating a shoe that provides equal support, comfort and quality.


  • Open mesh for great ventilation
  • Rubber sole to decrease traction
  • Lace closure

  • It tends to be narrow for some runners
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Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Mizuno’s Wave Sayonara Running Shoe is lightweight and has a good durability. It may be lightweight but it still provides great support for long runs. It has a midsole called U4ic which makes the shoe to be lighter than their previous collections.

The U4ic technology provides a lot of cushion while giving a lightweight performance. This feature is designed to adjust to your body’s weight. It will provide the right amount of comfort and cushion to allow you to run further, longer ant it will also lessen your joint pains.

The outsole has a G3 technology of the shoe can decrease traction when running. Hard terrains are easier to go through with this feature as it provides good stability. It acts as an added protection to make you feel safe and secure when using it.

It also adopts the X10 technology that will make the shoe last longer. Its durability is deniably long as people who have used the shoe said. The DynaMotion Fit also decreases lateral stress that you might experience.

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara Running Shoe won the best debut award in Runner’s World. They stated that the Sayonara series replaced Mizuno discontinued manufacturing the Wave Precision; yet it is worth the risk because the Sayonara collection is receiving a lot of praise.

The Sayonara provides a stronger ride because it doesn’t have a lot of foam. One review stated that they were not sure about the wide toe box. However, after using the shoe, they loved it because it provides enough space to spread their foot and move freely.


  • U4ic technology for a lightweight performance
  • G3 technology to decrease traction
  • DynaMotion fit to decrease lateral stress

  • A lot of stitching inside
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Salomon X-Tour

The Salomon brand started in 1947 at the French Alps. They are pros when it comes to creating good mountain sports shoe wear, craftsmanship and quality. Their creations will make you challenge yourself for harder trails and mountains that you will surely achieve together with their products.

The Salomon X-Tour Running shoe is lightweight yet it is still perfect for trails. Even with the lightweight feeling of the shoe, it actually has plenty amount of cushion for your underfoot. Which makes it comfortable to wear and pleasant to run with.

The seamless Sensifit that the Salomon has wraps your foot for a secure fit. Blister is not part of the shoes vocabulary because of its seamless design. The cushion on the midsole provides enough protection for any impact that you may experience when running on harder terrains or trails.

The upper synthetic mesh that it has provides just enough air. It may not be as breathable as other running shoes but you will still feel a bit of air from it. It’s just enough air to make sure that you won’t feel too much heat when using it.

It has an anti-debris mesh to prevent pebbles and stones from entering inside your shoes. It will put your mind at ease while you are running. It is a perfect pair of running shoes if you want a hassle-free run.

The frames they call OS Tendon thermoplastic urethane will provide a great transition from heel to toe. The inclusion of this feature will provide better balance. It will also encourage rebounds and transitions.

The Salomon’s Contagrip outsole is made to prevent any sort of traction. It’s a feature that is undeniably useful and it can make feel secure. The ContaGroup LT of the outsole is great for racing and terrains. However, the ContaGrip HA provides flawless durability and grip on various terrains.

It also has an Anti-Bacterial Ortholite Sock liner to keep it clean and fresh smelling. The molded EVA midsole of the shoe provides enough cushion and stability yet it is still lightweight. It has a lightweight muscle that is absorbent.

This neutral running shoe kept it low profile because of its 9mm offset. It also has a lace up enclosure for a perfect and comfortable fit. This shoe is a combination of comfort, protection and quality.

The Salomon X-Tour Running Shoe has a lot of great feedbacks. They love how it renders comfort and how lightweight it is. They praised how the shoes adapt to your body weight for a better performance.

They also stated that the padded collar doesn’t provide run their ankles when they are wearing a shorter sock. The shoes may look like it is narrow but when you put it on, but it actually doesn’t feel like it.

The soles are not too flexible and it is very solid for a lightweight running shoe. Though you might not notice it at all since the cushion inside it gives you a comfortable work out. And since the shoes are solid, you would not feel an impact that could cause injuries.


  • Sensifit for a secure fit
  • OS Tendon for great transition
  • ContaGrip System to decrease traction

  • Not water-resistant
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Saucony Excursion TR8 Trail

Another creation of the Saucony brand has made our list of best budget running shoes for this year. You can get a good quality performance or running shoes without spending hundreds of bucks. It is also lightweight and has a durable design.

The collar and plush tongue is an added comfort for your feet. It has a Heel Grid system that provides support and good stability in hard terrains. The insole is also removable for a light foot bed cushioning.

If you are an adventurous person and tend to like harder obstacles, the reliable foot protection of the Excursion TR8 will not bring you down. It has a firm and thick injection-molded EVA foam (IMEVA) will protect you from uneven surfaces, sharp rocks, and other harder obstacles that you might run into.

The cushioning system also provides a comfy ride while protecting your feet from possible harm. The insole also has a cushion to absorb shock and impact. The Grid system technology will stabilize your pace without losing your balance or speed.

A good thing about this trail running shoes is that it has breathable feature because of its mesh feature. It offers you additional comfort and protection. The best thing about this shoe is the Gore-Tex waterproof technology compared to other trail running shoes.

This is a perfect shoe to wear when you want to work in times of winter. Due to the Gore-Tex system, it will most likely protect you from wet surfaces. It may not be as breathable as other running shoes because of this feature but it is still useful.

The shoe may not be an ideal performance in summer but its mesh can keep debris out of your shoe. It also has XT-600 rubber outsole decrease traction and abrasion resistance. This also acts an additional protection for you.

It’s also perfect for neutral runner because of its lace-up closure. You can adjust the grip and fit of the shoe the way you want it to be. It will give you a good, secure fit whenever that you are using it.

It has spacious toe box to provide enough space if you don’t want your toes to be squished inside your shoe. Since this is an ideal neutral shoe, it may not provide too much arch support. Though, you can still use insoles if you want or need it.

Trail runners who have been using the Saucony Excursion TR8 have been providing good praises about it. According to some reviews, the insole has a great cushion and even though it is not glued in, it doesn’t slip whenever that they are running. And they love how waterproof and how it dries up fast.


  • Waterproof
  • Ideal shoes for hard trails and terrains
  • Lightweight and a wider fit

  • Not breathable compared to other running shoes
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Buying Guide – Things to look for in the Best Affordable Running Shoes

When it comes to the best affordable running shoes, they should be durable, comfortable and extremely lightweight. When every runner possesses unique foot dimensions, you should always invest in that type of footwear which is especially designed for your feet type. In this way, you’ll be able to run faster, for a longer period and without any kind of restriction.

Type of Pronation

A term which is referred to the natural movement of the human body, Pronation indicates how your foot rolls, after coming in contact with the underneath surface, to disperse shock. Having this information will help you purchase a comfortable footwear so it is imperative that you should be familiar with your running style before purchasing a pair of running shoes. It will eventually help you in making a purchase within your budget.

Young couple jogging


Runners with this type of gait tend to land on the outside edge of their heel before rolling it inwards. When it makes them vulnerable to different kind of ankle injuries, it also leaves excessive wear and tear on the inner edges of their footwear.

Depending on the degree to which a runner tends to over-pronate, there are two types of shoes which are normally recommended for runners with this particular running style.

Stability Shoes: Ideal for runners who exhibit a medium degree of over-pronation, the stability shoes incorporate a medial post inside their middle section. When it provides a considerable degree of support to your feet, it also enhances the overall lifespan of this product.

Motion-Control Shoes: Incorporating a heavier construction on their inside edge, the motion control shoes are designed for users who’re susceptible to a severe degree of over-pronation.


Runners – who under pronate – also land on their heel’s outer edge but as compared to the aforementioned type, they roll their feet inward for the sake of impact distribution. Even though it makes them less vulnerable to feet injuries, it does exert a greater degree of pressure on their toes. In addition, such type of feet exhibits a greater degree of wear on the shoe’s inner edge.

In order to compensate such a running style, which is also known as supination, it is often recommended to invest in the best running shoes which come with added cushion ability along with improved shock absorption.


A preferable running style amongst a wide range of users, runners with a neutral-pronation can choose from a long list of running shoes. They can buy whatever they want depending on the degree of comfort which they want inside their footwear.

Running Shoe Categories

Depending on the surface on which you’re going to run, best affordable running shoes are often differentiated in four different categories.

Road-Running: If your idea of running involves pavements and other such surfaces with a slight degree of irregularities, you should purchase the road running shoes. Lightweight, the road-running shoes incorporate a flexible construction which makes them viable to deal with uneven surfaces.

Trail-Running: For off-road running, which includes mud, rocks and other such obstacles, this is where the trail-running shoes come handy. Incorporating a sturdy construction, this type of footwear comes with aggressive treads which not only allow you to manage a solid contact with the underneath surface but at the same time, it also protects your feet from injuries.

Track-Running: The track running shoes are all about speed and agility. Featuring a thin outsole, they are devoid of the extra cushioning which isn’t required thanks to the smooth nature of the running tracks. As a result, this is the lightest type of running shoes which you can purchase from today’s market.

Cross-Training: As evident from their name, the Cross-Fit training shoes are ideal for all those runners who’re involved in the CrossFit workouts. When this is an intense physical activity, it demands a firm pair of shoes along with a thick outsole and this is what the Cross-Fit shoes are all about.

Proper Fit

Two factors play an important role in determining whether the affordable running shoes fit you or not: Their length and size. Let’s took a brief look at why it is important for you to find the right combo of both.

First up is the shoe length, and in contrast to what most people believe, there is no such thing as an ideal length. That is, what length suits your friend’s feet might not suit yours, and vice versa. That said, there are still important factors which you need to keep in mind while selecting your shoe’s length.

In selecting the shoe length, make sure there is little extra room in the front. The result of this decision? Your running routine. Seriously, when you run, your foot expands, decreasing the distance between the tip of the shoe and your big toe. Therefore, it is recommended that you order one size more than your standard size.

As for the width of your shoe, be as much careful as you were when selecting your shoe’s length. For, none of us have the perfectly built feet – while some of us have feet that are too narrow, others have it wide. And if you don’t appreciate this difference, you might end up with blisters which might occur due to the friction between your foot and the shoe.


When it comes to making this particular purchase, you don’t always have to spend a staggering amount of money. As already mentioned, an expensive footwear won’t make you a better runner by overnight. There is no need to splash the cash as long as you’re getting best budget running shoes which fits your criteria. So while making this purchase, keep the aforementioned points in mind and it will help you acquiring the best budget running shoes without extra hassle.

To wrap it all up, let me share this YouTube video that will provide extra tips on how to find the best running shoes for you. These budget running shoes will exceed your expectations even if you can buy them at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a good and quality shoe that is cheaper, give these shoes a chance and you’ll be surprise.

budget running shoes

FAQ – Running Shoes

What are some of the best budget running shoe brands?

Whether you are a runner or a prospect, you need the best running shoes. Ordinary shoes won’t be able to perform and they will fail to handle the miles.

Best budget shoes won’t hurt your wallet or your feet. They perform and handle the miles without injuring your feet. A recent study found (source) out that expensive running shoes aren’t always better than budget shoes. The study considered 134,867 user reviews to conclude that budget shoes are rated higher than expenses ones.

Here are the best budget running shoe brands.

  1. Nike
  2. ASICS
  3. Adidas
  4. Under Armour
  5. Mizuno

How often do running shoes need to be replaced?

When you run on the trail or road, your shoes will eventually wear out and you will need to replace them. Studies show [source] that old running shoes can prove detrimental to your feet.

How often you need to change your shoes depends on the quality of pair and the miles you are doing with them. Generally, running shoes will need replacement after you have done 300-500 miles. If you are doing 3-5 miles a day, you should consider replacing your shoes every 4-6 months depending on the quality of the pair.

How many running shoes do I need?

For most runners, one pair of shoes should be enough. But if you want to keep an extra pair of running shoes, just be sure to store it properly. Keep them away from heat and humidity to keep EVA and foam in good condition.

If you are a 10K course runner, you may find a second pair of shoes handy. With 26 miles weekly, it would be wise to give your shoes some rest so that the midsole can recover and your shoe can dry out.

For those running half or full marathon, the second pair of running shoes is a requirement. You can use a lighter pair for drills and a regular pair for training.

How do I know what running shoes are best for me?

One shoe doesn’t fit all. It’s true for running shoes.

When it comes to choosing the best running shoes, you have to consider the type of running you want to do. Additionally, your running style and your budget will help you decide the best shoes for you.

Here are running styles and suitable shoes for each style.

Shoes for road

  • Designed for pavement
  • Light and flexible
  • Provide great cushioning to your feet
  • Comfortable on hard surfaces

Shoes for trail

  • Great for off-road running
  • Can handle rough terrains such as mud and rocks
  • Provide solid traction with enhanced tread
  • Great support

Shoes for Cross-training

  • Designed for Crossfit workouts
  • Suitable when you need maximum floor contact
  • Enhanced stability on even surfaces

How tight should running shoes be?

Ideally, a properly fitting shoe should leave some breathing room around the toes while providing a close fit on the heel and midfoot.

It’s important to understand that your feet don’t remain the same size when you are running. They contract and lengthen as you take strides. To cover for this expansion when your feet push against the ground, you should get a shoe that’s half size longer than your exact size.

It means that your running shoes will be a bit larger than your regular shoes. Remember, you are the best judge when it comes to the right fit. Comfort is the key and only you can tell whether a shoe size is comfortable or not.

What are cushioning running shoes for?

Cushioning running shoes, also known as ‘maximalist’ shoes, have extra cushioning to prevent foot injuries and provide enhanced comfort.

They have a heavily cushioned sole and they look big. Some runners believe they are funny but not useful at all. Others have come out publically to show their support for these new wonder shoes.

Theoretically, the extra cushioning should help protect runners’ legs from the shock that comes from running long-distance tracks.

You may benefit from such shoes if you weigh more than 85 kg. They provide additional cushioning and extended arch support for your feet and prevent injuries.

Although cushioning running shoes have become immensely popular, some scientific studies [particularly this study] have shown that running in these shoes don’t lower impact forces. It means they won’t protect your legs despite all their claims.

How many miles before replacing running shoes?

Your running shoes are the most critical part of your success on the track and trail. When you run miles, your shoes show signs of wear and tear. Usually, you will notice visible wear around upper fabric and outer sole at the bottom of your shoes.

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to when you should replace your running shoes, shoe manufacturers claim that your shoes will last for 400-500 miles on average.

In simulated running tests, shoes showed 60% wear after 500 miles. The initial cushion decreased to 75% efficiency only after 50 miles. However, real runners have proved that these numbers are very subject and you can easily get many more miles out of your shoe.

Can I wash my running shoes?

It’s painful when your new running shoes get dirty. What if someone told you not to wash your running shoes?

There is no truth in it. You SHOULD wash your running shoes when you feel the need. You want them to look clean and fresh.

Just make sure you wash them gently and carefully. Clean shoes will ultimately last longer and make you feel good when running.

If you leave mud in your shoes, it will dry out and cause the outer surface of your shoes to tear. However, it’s important not to wash them too often and for too long. Dry them in the sun and never put them in a dryer.

Why do you need stability running shoes?

Running shoes have come a long way since the days of the first running shoes during the early twentieth century. Today, runners are facing a unique problem of finding the best running shoe for them through the countless options available to them, including stability running shoes.

You may benefit from wearing stability running shoes if you are an overpronator. These shoes provide extra support against the inward movement of the foot as you put pressure on your feet. They provide stability and allow you to reduce over pronation.

You may consider buying stability running shoes if you need additional cushioning and extended arch support for your feet.

Can women wear men’s running shoes?

Women and men’s running shoes have some real difference based on their unique needs [source] for running. However, women haven’t always had their own running shoes as the shoes labeled as women running shoes were merely stripped down version of men’s running shoes with some brighter colors.

However, shoe manufacturing companies had to start making dedicated shoes for women as their consumers reported their discomfort with shoes originally designed for men. Today women running shoes are designed keeping their foot shape, the Q-angle, and the effect of their weight on their legs and feet.

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