Adidas Samba MC Lifestyle Review

Adidas Samba MC LifestyleThe Adidas Samba MC model is made both of synthetic and suede and is lined with a rubber sole. It is designed to be a low-top sneaker with a natural rubber outsole and a T-toe with suede overlay.

As it is aimed to be a modernized take on the Adidas classic Samba, it is designed with a minimal textile upper and it features a super-soft rubber outsole. As opposed to the classic Samba, the Samba TPR serves as a lighter version of the classic one.

It is available in three colors: solid grey, white and gold. A distinct feature that makes it a contrast to the classic Samba is the Trefoil logo instead of the usual 3-stripes of Adidas.


  • The design is awesome and looks different from the classic Adidas Samba design
  • It may seem a little tight to wear at first, but the Samba TPR is actually more slim fit
  • It is lightweight and doesn’t hug your feet too tightly when worn


  • Due to its slimmer design, the Samba TPR is a little uncomfortable to wear for long period of time
  • Its material is a little too thin and can be a cause to easily worn out
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