Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat Review

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer CleatThe Adidas Mundial Team Turf is one of the classic styles of Adidas that offers softly-lined sides and a wedge outsole with molded studs. It is designed with an extended tongue and a no-chafe heel counter. It is sold in black and white.

This is made of leather and features a split-suede made of leather on its upper part with a synthetic sole. It is also made with synthetic lining which makes it more comfortable to wear. Like other Adidas models, it has an EVA insole that is die-cut which aims to provide lightweight comfort.

The difference it has with other designs made by Adidas is that it is made with a Traxion outsole, which allows for a maximum grip whichever directions you want. The midsoles are also pre-molded with EVA which adds comfort that is lightweight as well.

Designed to be both lightweight and cushioned at the same time, the Adidas Team Turf aims to offer the outmost comfort while giving you a good feel of your footwear. Paired with its fine-grained stud pattern, it can also dig well on hard grounds.


  • It offers great comfort which makes breaking in the shoes easy
  • The fine grained studs make it ideal for normal to dry turf fields
  • The turf cleats in the designed provides the right amount of traction that you would need
  • The design is simple yet classy; it never runs out of style


  • The warranty of this product is only good for one month
  • It is not suitable for wet fields
  • Not recommended for those with weak calf muscles because these are not as lightweight as they claim to be
  • The velvet textile that serves as padding for the frontal shooting area can decrease the power you exert with your shots, making it not much suitable for a crosser or a dinker.
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